Changing the habits of a lifetime...diets are bad for me!

I've just been told to eat more if I want to lose weight. Whilst I know that it's logical, the thought of eating more food is really playing havoc with my thought processes.  I've spent the past 20 odd years starving myself so that I could fit in to my size 10 skinnies and now surprisingly find that I can't even fit into a size 12!

Beautiful Ben (my nephew), has asked me to keep a food diary for the next 7 days, so that he can analyse my eating habits and see where the problem lies.  He's told me that most people put on the unexplained weight due to stress or issues within the individual and can generally pinpoint the problems when looking at the body.  He's a devotee of Charles Poliquin, a gentleman who is a renowned strength coach. Never heard of him!  It seems that he's very popular amongst the athletic fraternity.  Now I don't want to be an athlete, but I'd like a little bit more energy....and be able to fit into those size 10 skinnies!

Every New Year BB tells me that he has an influx of new clients.  January is always a busy time for him, but it generally peters out towards the end of the month. Only about 30% of his new clients remain. He tells me that his regular clients train throughout the year and it's usually the specific goal oriented ones who are committed and are able to stay focused. The ones who want to lose weight with no real goals in mind, fall by the wayside.

So now Beautiful Ben wants to take a picture of me (for reference) dressed in my shorts and vest so that I will be able to see my progress.  I'm baulking slightly as now even my knees seem to have cellulite and it's not really something I want anyone else to see.
But it got me thinking about my own I a poor role model? Am I setting up Mimi for problems later on with my constant stream of fad diets?  While the boys and Mimi are sitting at the table with their very nutritious meat and veg, I'm usually sitting with them munching on my salad and jacket potato.  I ply them with fruit, carrot sticks and nuts but will generally forgo them myself because the fruit has sugar in, and the nuts are have a high calorie content.  I don't have a sweetie cupboard and I don't buy crisps and cakes.  So what am I saying to them?  Don't eat this stuff because eventually it will kill you or that mummy won't buy them because she'll get fat?  I don't take the kids food shopping with me because I know that they'll want the stuff on the shelves.  I don't take BH because I know that he'll overload the trolley with ice cream, biscuits and muffins...but is that for me or is that for him?  I know the answer...I don't want the temptation.  And the kids have to eat carrots! Not really fair is it?

It's not to say they don't have sweets or "treats". They do.  Ma feeds them all sorts of rubbish, (and I don't have an issue with that!), and they love her for it.  They know where the sweetie tin is, and they know that she'll greet them with a cookie and a fizzy drink. But that's what Grans do, so I don't mind.

BB tells me, that it not a diet I need (he refuses to call it a diet as it has the wrong connotations), but about eating what's right for me, about what I'm intolerant to (he says that my cravings for jacket potatoes probably means that they are not the right food for me...oh bugger!), and about boosting my energy levels!  Apparently, by dieting for so many years the body is now laying down all fat for the reserves when my body goes into famine stage. BB says this is not the way I should be teaching the kids about food. Food keeps you alive.  Food is good!

I so need this. I'm looking forward to him own personal my own house!  The kids will have a big brother as a role model, and BH will now have someone to talk rugby with!!  Oh joys!!

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