"That dog is a nightmare!"

Lovely Ben and  the girlfriend have been looking after Peewee and Chubba while we were on our hols.  I didn't call home during our sojourn, for fear that the house had burnt down (and I was enjoying myself too much), but I did have a peek on Facebook and found that Peewee had chewed up "the girlfriends shoes."  I thought there may have been worse, and didn't want to be told that Peewee had chewed the kitchen to an inch of its life so crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. 

Chubba is the best behaved dog I've ever had.  He's sweet, loyal and lies on my feet. His kisses are sweet and gentle and I know I can rely on him not to embarrass me.  Peewee, however, is a bit of a thug.  He's trouble with a capital T, and beats up Chubba and loves being outside.  His kisses are big massive licks with his tongue aimed accurately into the mouth! Yuk, I know.  He has commandeered the sofa like he was born to occupy it, and slithers over Chubba and off chairs like a louche cad, He sleeps on his back, legs akimbo and snores...really loudly!! He does, however, make me laugh...a lot. He thinks he's one of the kids. Even Mimi asked the other day

"Mummy, is Peewee my brother?"

"Yes honey, your brother from another mother."  I dread to think who she thinks his father is!

Ben and GF had a fun time looking after the boys, but it wasn't completely without incident.  On returning from the supermarket they entered the kitchen to find the whole room covered in fluff and polystyrene foam. Ben immediately freaked out and counted the chairs. GF laughed hysterically when she realised that the boys clearly had a fine time ripping up their luxury bed.

Ben recounted

"It looked like someone had taken a chainsaw to the bed.  In fact, I think he has a chainsaw hidden away somewhere. Don't leave Peewee alone with the kids! That dog is a nightmare!"

He took pictures of the event which I will try to post here eventually because it looks like I have a fluffy floor.

Yesterday, after I had taken the kids to school I came home to find that Chubba's armchair (yes he has his own!), a lovely old winged back affair, has been completely decimated.  The foam from the cushion was spread all over the office, and he'd broken the strut which held the seat in place.  God only knows how he did this (and yes the blame lies solely on Peewee!), and now  has to be taken down to the local tip!

It's a steep learning curve with this one. Put away the shoes.  Lock all the doors. Do not leave him alone...ever! I think I would have preferred another baby....BH disagrees!

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