I am my voice.....

I've been told many times that I have a "commercially viable voice".I'm not too sure what that means but I think it may have something to do with it's tone and timbre. You see, I have a deep voice. Deeper than most women's sweet  tinkling sounds. I've always had it. Ma used to laugh, especially in the morning when her sweet little girl would croak  "'ello mummy!".  I've also been told that I'd be good working the sex chat lines, but I tend to disagree as the filthiest words I use are generally "Take out the rubbish, you effing lazy git!"

When I phone for room service on my many jaunts, it's usual for the room service attendant to reply "It will be with you shortly, Sir." I used to respond "It's Madam, actually", but that sounded too prim, and very often they'd have put down the phone before I'd had a chance to respond.

Now, it's quite useful to phone on behalf of BH and pretend that I'm him, especially as very often it HAS to be him that is required on the other end..  I think I sound like a gay man, but who cares, it does the job.  As a child I found it difficult to sing and would mime the words in assembly. As I got older, men would listen to me.  Women would be a little intimidated.  Once, I overheard a co-worker talking about me. It wasn't hard as I was sitting right behind her.  "God, she sounds like a man...her voice is so deep!" As a 23 year old I was devastated.  I'd only heard "She's...like a man!".  I was often mistaken for a boy as a youth.  I was tall, skinny, flat chested, and it didn't help that i wore jeans and converse trainers most of the time. My hair was long (as it stills is), and I'd pull it back in a low pony tail. When baby-sitting for my elder brother (I was 15) I opened the door to one of his friends

"Oh, you must be Chris's brother!" 
"No, I'm his sister!"

Three years later, I had to fight him off with a stick.  The duckling had blossomed, and gained a few curves, but I didn't gain the dainty pretty voice I always hankered for.

Now, I'm told I have a sexy voice and it doesn't bother me. I have dulcet tones, and women and men love to hear me talk. I've been told I sound like Mariella Frostrup, or Sarah Beeny. I cringe when I hear myself on an answering phone or am caught on video.  I don't sound like me.

BH, on the other hand squeals like a girl when tickled. Although his voice is not deep it is appropriate for a man of his stature. He sounds gentle and kind and women will gaze into his baby blues and utter "I could listen to you all day!".  When he's excited his voice raises several octaves and I have to remind him that he is beginning to squeak!!

The boys still have their childhood boy voices, and Mimi, well, I think she's beginning to take after her ma. She has a croaky little voice, which makes me laugh, and in the mornings she sounds just like me!

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