I'm going to do a review!!

I'm all excited...wanna know why?  I'm going to do my first review!!  Not just any old review, but of a book...and I get to read it first!! Yee haaa!

Another part of me, which I'd forgotten as its such a major part of my life and is taken for granted is that... I read!  Not just one book each week but it can sometimes be up to 7 or 8.  I calculated once, that I spent more on books each month than on clothes...that's how much I love the written word!

I've always told the kids that I would always buy them any book they wanted, no matter the cost as a love of reading can change one's life and perspectives. It has never been questioned or the subject of debate and they know if they need a bit of retail therapy, then toys are never the answer in my book (pun, geddit?), but a book will push all those buttons. Bart, always asks for books then sticks them on the shelf never to be looked at again.  Finn on the other hand devours his books by the dozen. He then flicks through Bart's shelf to pick up the goriest he can find, so no waste!! And he reads them again and again.  Mimi is unlikely to read any of the boys books, so she has her own selection of sparkly, pink and visually attractive ones.  In fact anything that catches her eye, regardless of the content.  I've also found that Peewee loves books....he's chewed his way through those I leave on the floor.  He recently chewed the last two pages of a new book...I don't have the heart to start it now!

Beside my bed at any given time, there are about 10 books.  I have a study where I keep all of my favourite reads. Two of the walls are covered in floor to ceiling bookshelves.  They're not very tidy (neither is the study, that's why you're only getting to see a section!), but hey, who cares.....
My books...

I haven't taken to the kindle although I have it on my ipad.  To me the best part of reading is flopping into bed, and falling asleep on it! I love the feel of a book in my hands, bending back the spine and folding over the pages to mark the page where I need to start.  I use the dustcover of a hard back to mark those places too.  Sacrilege, I know, but they are my books.

I used to use "Read it Swap it" to recycle my books, but because the books weren't in pristine condition (I sometimes read in the bath!), some swappers got a bit narky.  Personally, I don't think  it mattered.  If you love reading, any book is worth reading despite it's condition.  I'm certainly not anal about it.

Now I donate them to our local community library. They are far more grateful.  Our library closed down last year, which is disgusting considering the rates we pay.  We live in a village, where the community is a mix of old and young.  The library was tiny, the size of a small shop, but it was regularly used.  The elderly would go and read the papers, and we'd meet up with the local children.  The selection of books weren't that brilliant, but it was a place where you could meet with others. We campaigned endlessly, but to no avail. So a group set up their own  library in the village and it now has a tea shop and a charity shop attached.

I had been toying with the idea of doing book reviews and have even dedicated a page to it (as yet still hidden)...however, hopefully this may kick start my idea of adding another blog to this blog with my own personal book reviews. So, next week I shall be reviewing my first book for this blog for Random House....oh and they sent it to me, for free...I wonder if I have to send it back?

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