My au-pair....

Unsurprisingly, the post about my au-pair created the most outrage amongst my lovely fellow bloggers.  It was a tad unexpected though, because I found the incident quite funny (although a little disturbing, if I'm honest.).

Ben has been hiding in his fear of his manhood I guess. BH has made himself available for all viewings should they happen suddenly. Miriam, well, she's just Miriam. Water off a ducks back!  I finally plucked up the courage to tackle it head on and came away feeling a bit of a prude!  I mean, after seeing Mocha Beanie Mummies silent Sunday post (the wardrobe decoration)..I guess I shouldn't be too harsh on the poor girl.

Miriam was surprised that she offended anyone..but was the garden off limits for sunbathing in a bikini?
I said no, of course not as long as she shaves her legs...well, she said where's the difference?

Miriam has been with us for quite sometime.  The boys like her, Mimi likes her, BH is terrified of her (which is how I like it) and I have always liked her.  Her brazen ways amuse me. She makes good copy. If I tell her not to use my lipstick (it's disgusting) she says OK, then continues to use it.  I hide it, she finds it. I hide it again...then I can't find it!  It is getting me used to having another female in the house and I know that I'll have it all again with Mimi when she reaches that age.

Miriam comes from a small village in Slovakia. The family don't have a dishwasher, and granny lives next door. They grow vegetables, and keep chickens. She thought she was coming to the bright lights and streets of gold but unfortunately has landed in the "burbs", where it seems that every house looks the same (I beg to differ here!).  There is no bus route and she is cheesed off that she has to take a taxi as I won't let her drive my car.
"You must be joking!"  I said, as she asked for the keys to the Chelsea way! So I gave her my bicycle to get her around, but she looks pretty great on it, even though she's in stilettos and smoking a fag...I've seen her! Really! I call her the vamp because I know once she gets her teeth into some guy, she isn't going to let go!

I told Ben that I think that Miriam "likes" him. He looked startled, then afraid.

"I know", he mumbled "I've had to lock my bedroom door"

"Why's that?"

"She's freaking me out. Every time I come out of my room, she's there...waiting"

What is it with girls today?  In my day, we'd wait for a guy to at least show some sign of interest, but now it seems that girls are not even interested in "interest".  If they want it, they'll take it. If a guy showed no interest in me, then I'd be a bit devastated and do something to draw attention to myself, like hang around outside his house...same thing eh? But now I see it's just scary.

Ben avoids all eye contact with Miriam. He skirts her like you'd do with a dog you're not too sure of. He leaves the house quickly in the morning and doesn't linger over dinner. I feel sorry for him as clearly, he's never been hunted before. It's quite funny, watching a strapping 6ft 3'er at odds with having to deal with  unwanted attention.

He says, "It because you're my aunt. I'm embarrassed. I don't want to offend you and I don't want to have to look after your kids if she leaves suddenly!"

There's no chance of that I'm afraid.  Miriam is un-offended by any statement, action or deed. She knows which side her bread is buttered. She is a rubbish au-pair, but I know she likes us, I know she's trustworthy and I know she'd never let me down.
Ben needs to develop a thicker skin, and Miriam, well, she'll be leaving us soon, so the search is on for another one.
Miriam has suggested her friend. My one question to her was,

"Is she like you?"

"Oh yes. But not as pretty!"

I'm not sure I could deal with another Miriam!!


  1. You are indeed very patient...Best of luck to find a new au-pair then!

  2. It's time...I'll be sad, but I don't think Ben will be. He's counting down the days!

  3. I think M sounds very charming. I once cycled halfway across Austria in stilettos while smoking a fag...okay, so not in stilettos. I reckon it's folks like her make this dull old life interesting. Good luck finding a replacement M.

  4. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I have given you a bit of an award...


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