A pause...time for reflection.

Friday started pretty much the same as most days. Get up, get dressed, kids dressed, breakfast, shout, school run, chit chat at the school gate, back home, walk the beasts...then a quick glance at t'interweb. However, the quick glance turned into a marathon 6 hour visual, visceral, disseminating experience...and I'm not sure I actually enjoyed it.

You see, I have recently joined up to Twitter..(so I suppose I'm either a twit or a tweep), and let me tell you, it's shattering! Twitter is a social experience. Twitter expects interaction, after all that is its purpose, but I find  it has stolen huge chunks of my day. My phone receives tweets; my ipad receives tweets, but why do I feel this need? I've actually stopped answering my phone and text messages, in case I miss that tweet.  Why, for gods sake?  I didn't even tweet with anyone!.

For the second time this week, I've read a post which explained why they "unfollow" on Twitter. "Admirable," I thought.  "telling it like it is." There is etiquette, you see. Every single thing I did on Twitter, they despised. I would write inane comments, after all, that was what everyone else appeared to be doing.  They were amusing little tweets (or so I thought), but apparently, they are irritating!  They don't want to hear that I wondered whether the Fairies had left me any gifts.  They didn't even care about the size of Peewee's dog do (it's massive!), and they certainly didn't care if I was a bit reticent...it's a bloody social networking site for gawds sake! I have to be proactive, but by the time I've thought of a witty response to an inane comment , the moment is lost and they've actually moved on for a chat with someone else.   

Why I joined Twitter

Because somebody told me I should. Initially, that's all I thought I needed to do. Join Twitter and they will come.It felt a tad odd, so I followed a few people.  They followed me back. Had a bit of interaction. Nice, sane, intelligent people. Interested in education and politics.  Then, all of a sudden, I was followed by some others.  So I followed them back. Before I knew it, I was watching people chatter and I couldn't join in.

But it also made me think about the reason I joined Twitter. What do I get from it? Is Twitter working for me? At the moment I have to say no, I just don't have the time. I really don't interact...  just don't know what to say. I'm not normally a reticent individual...I'd go as far to say I'm quite gregarious.  BH tells me I'm invited to events for my entertainment value!

But it's also made me question, why I want to blog. All I want to do is write. I'm not even sure I wanted a blog, but I needed to write. Some time ago, someone commented "You're not just someones mummy!"  And she's right.  I'm not just a mummy, but my blog is about being a mummy.  But I'm so much more.  I love politics, I respect human rights, I relish civil liberties, am passionate about education and I adore travelling. So I think I may have lost my way.  Twitter has made me visit other blogs; blogs that I wouldn't have found in a million years, and for that I'm thankful. It has, in someways opened up the blogging experience. It's not all been fruitless.  I have "interacted" with and "met" some very talented writers, artists, and mothers.

So if you don't see much of me on twitter it's not because I don't want to play anymore, it's because I've realised that there is more to blogging than Twitter.  I want more. So Twitter, its "Sayonara" from me...just for a while while I tidy up the house and find something else to occupy my time...like living!

Postscript.  While I was writing this, I checked Twitter  7 times and I followed a further 5 followers who were following me! And I actually had a bit of fun!  How desperate have I become???

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