The sum total of my words yesterday....

"Cup of tea?"
"Get a move on"
"Taking the dogs out!"
"Peewee! No!"
"I said later!"
"What did you have for lunch?"
"Good day at the office?"
"I said later!"
"Bed!  Now!"
"Not tonight...I've got a headache!"


  1. I sometimes wish I could spend a day without talking...

  2. I tend to spend the day making noises rather than using actual words....that's the joy of being couped up with a new baby all day.
    I smell of sick a lot!


  3. It's just that some days everyone talks and no one listens...yesterday was one such day! I like the idea of making noises...I wonder if I could do a day like that? Not sure anyone would notice anyway...btw, I love the smell of baby sick..very odd I know, but it has a special smell..nostalgic?


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