Self praise is no praise...

My mum has always popped out wise sayings at appropriate moments and when I was younger, I couldn't understand what she was going on about.  It's only now that I have kids myself, I find myself repeating the same phrases that she did and actually understanding the meaning behind them.  

My kids have no idea what I'm going on about as they take each sentence as something which is said by their mother when she's trying to offer advice. They have to question me a million times about what I actually mean.  Very often Bart will say "Why don't you just say what you mean?  It really is annoying when you don't get to the point!"

Mimi will look at me blankly then just carry on with what she's doing.  She has no idea what I've just said, but doesn't question it.  She knows it means something, but isn't really bothered about it. I can see it in her eyes. I can read her like a book.  "Ma, I have no idea what you're saying....and really I don't care!"

"Self-praise is no praise"
"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"
"A stitch in time saves nine"
"Measure a thousand times, cut once"
"Grin and bear it"

Ma, now she's getting older is becoming more and more like my grandma.  Her "wise sayings" have now taken on the voice of my grandmother.  I can hear what my gran used to say in what my mum is saying now....and I find myself repeating them.

Even BH repeats some phrases from his childhood....but doesn't actually know what they mean but knew that he would have to run like the clappers if his ma bellowed them in his direction. Some of the sayings make no sense at all, and I've heard her say them in conversation. Things like:

 "that's the tune the old cow died of"
"He's fit to mind mice at  the crossroads"
"She'd talk the teeth out of a saw!"
 "Those who get the name of rising early may lie all day"

If it makes no sense to you, it may help to know that she's Irish...I had trouble understanding her when I first met I have no idea what she's trying to say!!

My ma now says things like "I like it but it doesn't like me" when talking about what she wants to eat but upsets her...somehow! 

My gran used to trot out some absolutely disgusting sayings, things I couldn't even repeat here.  Things in response to  "What's for dinner, Nan?"...well.... I'll leave that to your imagination!

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