...and I actually wore a dress!

God, wasn't yesterday hot?  The most skin I was prepared to bare was an sliver of an ankle. I find the fashion of longskirts and maxi dresses very useful for disguising lumps and bumps, especially the empire lines which fall straight from the bust.  However, mine was topped off with a cardi to disguise the fat. 

Bart was surprised when he saw me.  The combats and the T-shirts replaced with a lovely flowing (black) boob tube dress....could I really go through the day without  my uniform and still get "down and dirty"?

"Mummy, you look nice" he said  "Are you wearing makeup? You normally look like a boy".

BH countered it with  "Woah, where are YOU going, hot lady! "

I must say, I felt nice.  It felt good to wear a dress and feel feminine for once. It wasn't restrictive and I could move quickly even if the flip flops kept flipping off in my haste to get somewhere fast. I was able mow the lawn, do the washing, and walk the dogs.  I could also lounge about, not worrying if my pants were showing, and I didn't have to keep tugging down the t-shirt which normally rides up and uncovers the the vast expanse of fat which had been grown to keep me warm in the winter.

At the end of the day, the dress was splattered in mud, stained from the splashes of food and looked similar to the rag I used to clean the car   I must say, I enjoyed my day in a dress, even if it doesn't happen that often, but I don't want to get carried away as I've only got the one!

Miriam Update
Miriam (au-pair) is still with us. She just won't go! She has just found herself a boyfriend and  has decided that living with us is not so bad after all. I wish I could say the same.   I was hoping for a new victim, but it seems we're stuck with the one we've got.....

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