My new regime...Charles Poliquin and BioSignature

You may have noticed (or not) that I have a sidebar on my page which indicates weight that I will/have lost in preparation for the next few weeks. I have been preparing myself for the inevitability that my clothes no longer fit and that it's cheaper to lose the weight than it is to buy new clothes.

We've had BB (nephew) staying with us for some time and he has been extolling the virtues of eating properly, organically and with lots of protein.  As an ex vegetarian, my diet is pretty awful.  Hangups from a bygone era still play a major part in my choice of food, but after listening to BB for the past few months and watching him pop his supplements with regularity I became interested.  He was healthy ( he's young) fit (he's young) and has so much energy (he's young) that I wondered whether I was ever like that. 

BB showed me some stuff from the legendary Charles Poliquin, and to be honest, I have taken it all on board.  BB didn't want to train or coach (family and all that), but has passed me onto a rather lovely young man called Luke who specialises in a procedure called BioSignature, (he was so busy I had to book this appointment weeks ago!)  and this is how it went.

The Consultation

Earlier this week, Luke (tall, gorgeous, well fit and healthy) came over to the house, and while the kids were kicking each other into touch he went through the process. It took over an hour but he put me at ease and made me realise that my diet was not only sparse, but as a role model for my children showed them that bad habits were acceptable as part of life.

He explained what Biosignature was all about. In a nutshell, Biosignature is the measure of body fat in specific areas.  By measuring the fat (and there is plenty of it) he could tell what areas of my life I needed to address, and hormones that were out of kilter.  The fat laid down indicated what supplements I needed to take, and the ones which were lacking.  What surprised me about the process was that he didn't need to take any blood tests.  Because I've eaten so much bread and potatoes in the past (and I have wild cravings) I have a sensitivity to gluten. NOT an allergy, but sometimes my tum expands soooo much I can't do up my trousers. Anyways, Luke tells me I'm have stress (indicated by the fat around the waist and needs to be addressed...quickly) amongst other things. So he has set me up an initial "Boot Camp" protocol, to get my body back into line.

I've been given Fish Oils (not cod liver oil...apparently they're different) to eat by the van load and I am to eat protein by the ton!  I'm now on the Paleo Diet, which looks to be quite straight forward....if a caveman ate it, then I can too! No processed foods, or cakes and biscuits which should mean I could lose the pounds quite quickly.

So far it's been three days. I've not suffered from hunger pangs, and in some cases I feel I've over eaten. The biggest mistake was trying to take the Fish Oils with a cup of tea!!  The warm tea melted the capsules before they left my mouth so I had the vile taste of the oil lingering.

Luke's coming on next Wednesday to check my progress, and already I feel alert, and a little bit lithe. He won't tell me my weight ( I won't weigh myself as it depresses me too much)  as he says we all get too hung up on the pounds and is no indication of the body fat loss. He's also writing up a programme for a workout in the gym, and to be honest it all sounds pretty straight forward.  He uses mainly weights (thank running!), as he says using weights, burns calories longer than like!!!

Biosignature  isn't for the feint of heart.  It's expensive. The process and supplements which I'm to be given will be expensive, and the regime is demanding, but after a few years of being uncomfortable with myself, I think it will all be worth it.  I can already see BH eyeing Luke, and wondering whether he was ever like him....I have to say that he wasn't!! 

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