I wish I hadn't said yes when I really meant no!

I really do!  I get myself into all awkward situations and end up resenting the time I have to spend on others.  I really don't have that much time, except to waste away on Twitter, FB, online Scrabble, not to forget bejewelled blitz or farm ville....all such a waste of time.

I wish I could say no with a light heart, but then I start to feel guilty and end up saying yes.  Yesterday someone asked me to do something, and I had to think of loads of excuses and now worry that I've offended them.  What they wanted me to do is something I really shouldn't do...so I didn't and now I'm paying the price with guilt and self flagellation. I tell the kids that they have the right to say no and that in no way should they be pressurised into doing something they feel uncomfortable about..unless, of course it's me doing the asking!

Most of the time, I do say yes... "Will you provide the tea for 30 visiting parents on Open day?" "Yes, of course.  It will be a pleasure!"....."Will you wash 30 rugby shirts for the sweaty teens?"...."Yes of course. It will be an honour!"  ....."Will you clean up the hall after a function despite the fact you've had too much to drink and it'll take 2 hours to do it!"..."Yes, of course. It will be a delight!" Yeah...I'm the one who's always there when I don't want to be!

Disaffected Youth 

Bart debates the whole ethics of "Just say No!"..he knows that should someone ask him to do something or take part in something which is either naughty, which would offend someone, would hurt them or another or is just plain illegal then he should say no...but he is inquisitive and will ask for reasons and examples.  He has seen the news reports of the riots and asked if we could have a "drive around" in case we spot any of them... for some reason he feels the need to experience and see first hand the damage his peers are wrecking on society. 

Finn, on the other hand sees "the end of the world"...break the law and you will be damned to hell for all eternity.  He's afraid to look a "hoodie" in the eye in case they beat him up and steal his Lego figures.  He's locked them in a a tin and put them under his pillow....just in case.  Finn worries that we all will be killed in our sleep, despite the fact I tell him that it's generally shops the rioters are targeted for their loot.  He worries that now they've overstepped the boundaries of acceptable behaviour they'll come and rob us and we won't be able to eat because they will have stolen the cooker!!

Mimi...well... she's the pragmatist.  She understands that there are naughty people but wonders why their mummies don't  give them pocket money...which brings me on to the next post quite neatly...


  1. We saw the riots on the tv, in our hotel room in Spain. My 2 children played at being 'riot police' charging about with pretend shields, yet the day before we flew home, my sensitive son asked if it was safe, would Manchester airport still be there? Would the naughty boys and girls be there? We had to reassure him it'd be fine. So sad that our children have to see such awful behavior. Nat
    Ps, sorry for the huge comment!


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