And I thought I was "Just perfect"!!!

Just an observation really.  Since starting this blog, I've come to learn a lot about myself and my family. I'm often reflective and observing, but I've actually started to notice my bad points of which I thought there were none, pre blogging.

I've always asked BH what he didn't like about me and he could come up with nothing...well nothing that is of value.  Where as I'd thought I was always perfect (oh yes I am!), I'm clearly lacking in some a lot of areas.  I'm now beginning to realise that he is less than truthful if only for an easy life...and as I've blundered through life I really should thank him. BH always points out my good points (you have lovely ears, you are a nice person, you are kind), and while that's lovely of him, it's not been terrifically helpful.  Recently, the kids have been telling me things about myself.  Kids are honest, kids are truthful, kids are cruel kids are mean....husbands are not! I suppose that's why I married him.  I know he wears rose coloured specs, although most of the time he's not even listening.

"Does my bum look big in this?" I'll ask.
"Definitely the black one." he'll reply, not having torn his gaze from the rugby. See? But then again I should thank my lucky stars he hasn't mentioned the weight gain, the bad hair year or the pretty dreadful nails (from gardening! I cry.)

"Mum, why are you so rubbish at making salad?"

"Muuummmm,  stop're hurting my ears!"

"Mum, you look a bit like a sausage in a belt!"

"Mum, why do you never brush your hair?"

So while I tell it like it is, so do my kids.  But....they would never do it to anyone else. They realise that hurtful comments will lose them friends (read here for my lack of sensitivity)

They know that their mother would never appear on X-Factor despite threatening to do so (although they're not too sure).  They know that their mother's baking skills will never improve, unless they replace said mother.  They know that I will always look like a sausage in a belt, and they know that I will always the object of their fun and derision. 

This morning, while the kids were getting their stuff together, Bart mentioned that he was running short of underpants.

"Mum, you do know that's your duty, don't you? You're not very good at keeping up with stuff are you?"

Hmmm, I know I'm not perfect but where did this sexist rubbish come from...and how old do they have to be before I can chuck them out of the nest?

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