A tribute to someone I don't know

Last night I heard that someone had passed away.

It was someone I didn't know, but it was someone I knew well. I'd meet up with her most nights. We'd shoot the breeze, she'd make me laugh. We thought we had all the time in the world. She'd fight with me to get the first round in. We'd never had that first round. I promised I'd buy us lunch. We thought it would be inevitable that we'd meet.  I'd laughed and said that she would probably hate me on sight. She said she probably would.

We'd argue and spar, but we'd always leave each other on a witty note. I never took offence. She never took offence. We found the ridiculous funny, and we'd find compassion in tragedy. Her insults were a joy. My insults couldn't match hers. Her kindness and sensitivity when help was needed. She knew when to draw the line in the sand. She was unafraid and brave. She was a friend because she understood, never judged and was always there.

She reached out when I was at my lowest ebb and I couldn't reach out to her when she was at hers. Because I didn't know.  Words, just words on a page or a screen, brought me to a friend I'd never meet. We knew each other well, yet I'd never seen her face. I will never see her face.

So sad....


  1. I am so sorry that you never got to met your friend:( She sounded such fun - and it seems a very brave lady indeed. Your words are a lovely tribute to her:)

  2. Thanks Jane. I think this has hit me harder than I realised and what with everything going on have taken a bit of a back seat with the blog etc. We may never know what drives some, but this has made me open my eyes and it's not always about me. Thanks again. x

  3. A sad post indeed, but like Jane said, a lovely tribute. Hope you're OK! Emma


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