Monday, 18 July 2011

Live a little.....

Ma and Pa are funny folk.  Not funny weird, but funny, funny, if you know what I mean! They have spent their lives getting into situations no normal, sane or sensible person would even attempt.  They take risks, some of them sound and calculated, but some are just plain funny. Most people would quake with fear, suffer from PTS after the event and probably never leave the house at the thought of finding themselves in the same situations....but Ma and Pa laugh in the face of it all!

Ma and Pa live abroad some of the year.  They're retired now, so are trying to enjoy each others company...24 hours a day!  Seeing as though I could never live with them longer than a week (they so exhaust me!), I think they're doing pretty well.

Last night I had a call from Ma and she recounted this little story that made me laugh out loud and giggle every time I think of it, but it's so typical of them I have no idea why I'm surprised.

They'd gone into the next town for their weekly shop.  Once they're ensconced in their beach side home, they rarely leave the confines of their nirvana. But Saturday was upon them and they'd run out of supplies.  Ma has taken a fancy to the local red wine, and there is only one place that it can be purchased, so off they went to scout for more supplies.  As they were getting into their car to drive home they noticed on the other side of the road, a store which had many people milling about, going in and out, some were standing outside smoking, and cars were pulling was busy. 

Ma: "What's going on over there?"
Pa: "Could be a new opening or Could be a sale?  What sort of shop is it?"
Ma "I can't really see from here"
Pa: "Looks really busy though."
Ma: "Looks interesting"
Pa: "Could be an auction!"

As they drove off towards home Pa declared,

"Lets live a little!", did a U turn in the road and pulled up outside the store and parked the car.

Ma:  "You go in and have a look, and if it's interesting come and get me."

Pa jumped out of the car and ambled over.  Ma could see him pushing the door open and he disappeared inside.  20 minutes went by and Pa had still not reappeared. Ma was annoyed, as is usual when Pa wanders off  as it's generally for hours at a time.  The car was getting hot and Ma wondered whether she should go inside to find him, thinking that he'd found something of interest.... such a drill bit.

Suddenly Pa appeared in the doorway. He looked sombre and nodded at the locals standing around the door. He quickly walked over to the car, and without talking pulled away from the parking space.
Ma: "Well, what was so interesting that you've been gone so long?"
Pa: "In a minute, I need a drink!
As they were sitting in the cafe.  Pa recounted the past 20 minutes of his life.

Pa: "When I went in, all I could see was a line.  I'd assumed we were queuing to get a ticket or something. Everyone was local, but I thought they knew something I didn't, so just stayed in line. At the door to the shop floor, a couple were shaking hands with all of those in the line, so I thought this was how they conducted the opening of a store.  I shook hands with the couple, but had no idea what they were saying (Pa does not speak the language),  but I thought they said something like "Thank you for coming"  so I stayed in line.  There were chairs laid out, so I guessed it was an Auction. As I sat down I could see to the front.  Laid out in the middle of the room was a coffin!  I was at a Wake!!! I was too embarrassed to leave as I thought it would seem rude, and I'd have had to walk past the couple I'd just shaken hands with. So I just bowed my head until I thought a reasonable time had passed, then got up and left."

Ma and Pa are sorry if they've offended anyone in their pursuit of bargains, but I think it's put them off "Living a little!"

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Life changes.....

I may have an opportunity to start anew.  Well, in reality it's always been there but I've lacked the gumption to do anything about it. Not that I'm a coward, but it's been safe in my little world and stepping outside of it has often left me thinking "Naahh, it's easier to just stick with what I have".  But things could be changing and I feel a positive vibe in the air.  Changes are afoot, and when something rocks your world you look at things in a different way.  Nothing is forever, and the only certainty in life is taxes and death.

Looking at the kids, I know that they deserve more than I'm giving them now.  I've been away for most of their little lives, relying on the support of my (sometimes) fabulous aupairs, family and friends. I've missed birthdays, sports days, plays, parents evenings....and no-one blames me for it, except myself!

I burnt Mimi on the arm the other day, whilst we were baking cookies (out of a packet...shame on me!)...of course it wasn't deliberate but I wept for the pain I had caused. Mimi, was as cool as ever.

"But mummy, " she countered " you didn't do it on purpose. Can I have a Polly Pocket?"

Of course, I agreed, which then led to Bart asking for a new bike, and Finn asking for an increase in his pocket money. I told Finn that as he didn't get pocket money he may have been better off asking for something more attainable such as the Ipad 2...which I would have asked for!

Last week, Finn had to go to hospital for an MRI scan.  He'd been getting headaches for the past few months for no actual reason. 

We'd been through the whole rigmarole of "Is anything bothering you?" "Are you drinking enough" "Is anyone being mean to you?" "Do you find school work difficult?" and getting sis to check (just thought he might talk to someone else) to no avail.  No real reason, so it must be medical. Our fab Dr asked us to keep a record of the headaches and the only constant in it all, was that they were in the morning, and dissipated by lunchtime.
Miriam was certain that "Finn, no like school...just lazy, like husband!" Miriam is convinced that BH does nothing all day, has a fine old time "wining and dining", should empty the dishwasher and when he disappears into his office is obviously playing solitaire!

Dr decided to send Finn for an MRI (more, I'm sure to appease me...but hey better safe than sorry).  So, on the day off we went; Finn armed with my ipod and all his fav "choons"; me, armed with the constant feeling of doom in the pit of my stomach. The nurses were pretty and engaged Finn in a way I'd never seen before.  They were interested in him and he chatted easily.  Me?  I couldn't talk, let alone join in with their lively conversations.  After the scan, the nurse told me that they could see nothing untoward and they'd send the info on to my Dr. All painless and so easy.  My mind at rest, I went to find Finn who was busy flirting with the pretty nurses.
"Well Sweetie," I said seriously while Finn looked at me with his huge green eyes,
"they couldn't find your brain!"
His eyes darted around the room trying to assimilate the information. The nurses started to giggle. His face darkened angrily, then he kicked me in the shin!! Ouch!

I've been lucky, but it could have been so different. So, my last business trip which spanned 10 days "down under"  found me working out how I can be there...all of the time! I've had little dips into self employment throughout my life, but I know now is the time. I have a plan. It may not work out, but I think I'm heading in the right direction.


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