Domestic Godess? Me? I think not!

I really don't think I could even compete in the tidy stakes, but what I do love is a gadget.  I'm not sure how to use them all, but I'm certain most of the time that they come in pretty handy for something, sometime..if I could find them.  I'll jump on the bandwagon the moment I see a new toy.  I'll play with it for a while; create some masterpiece then lose it somewhere in the depths of the homestead.

At the moment my lifesaver has got to be the vacuum cleaner... and an air freshener!   Vacuum up the dog hair, the bits of food, and the Lego blocks lying around...squirt the air freshener..then hey presto...smells as clean as a whistle....shame about the clothes lying all over the floor!  Those, I just kick aside or hoover around them!

I've heard that having a de-clutter is the way to go! De-clutter?  I need every last gadget I have!

So, my tips for a clean and sparkling homestead:
  • Don't wash the windows on a sunny day.
  • Iron when you're angry...I get through it really quick when I'm having a row in my head!
  • Dust?  What dust?  I don't have dust in my house...just a protective coating from the atmosphere!
  • Get your man to do the washing!  They don't separate the whites from the a new wardrobe will be needed.  No need to wash...just chuck it all in the bin to save him the effort.
  • Pay your children to clean...everything!  The car, the windows (ok, maybe not the windows), the floor?

 My latest gadget (bought yesterday) from Costco is a Philips Steam Iron.  The other one (a Tefal Pro express) was fabulous, but finally gave up the ghost when I dropped it on the floor and all of the gubbings flew out!  There was no way I was going to piece it I bought a new one.  Not cheap, but seems to do the job.  

                                                      I also bought a Cuisinart Griddle and grill!
It's all nice and shiny and I know it will be useful as the plates are reversible...griddle one side and flat plate the other.  They can be removed for easy cleaning....and get this...guaranteed for 5 years!!!  Yes...that's right 5 years!!!  I'd been using the Tepanyaki plate for doing the steaks and now the bloody thing has been scratched to buggery!

I know I've got an electric yoghurt maker somewhere...I'll have to get that out now!  Oh get me, I've come over all domestic!

What gadget could you not live without?

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