This is England - 2012

Daisy phoned me the other day.  She couldn't make our walk as her 22 year old son had been "beaten up" the night before and she had to take him to the dentist that morning.  She didn't go into much detail at the time as she was in a hurry.  The story came later.

Sam had visited a petrol station the night before. He and a couple of his friends had stopped off after a night out to get try and find something to eat.  Outside, were two girls who had also stopped off to stock up on chocolate and the boys stayed and chatted while they ate their sandwiches.   While they were chatting a car pulled into the forecourt and two young men got out.

"GET IN THE CAR!" the first male shouted at the girls.

The girls said no. They said no, because they didn't know the two men.

"GET IN THE EFFING CAR, YOU BITCHES !" he shouted again.

Further abuse followed.  The boys had no idea what was going on.  The men from the car were shouting and made to grab the girls; the boys were shouting at them to leave the girls alone and stood between them. The driver then punched Sam full on the face. Sam fell to the floor.  Things became hazy from then on. As they kicked, he lay on the ground. 

He told his mum that his thoughts were "I'm going to die.  I'm going to die here in this petrol station".

During the fracas FOUR more cars pulled up and Sam saw feet pounding over to the scene. More feet joined in the stamping and kicking. Sam heard the police sirens...then nothing.

The police haven't caught the perpetrators. They have the number plates of the cars.  No one has any idea what it was all about.  The boys didn't know them, nor the girls. They didn't have local accents. Were they trying to kidnap the girls? What would have happened if the boys hadn't stayed to chat to them?  Was it a gang initiation? Who knows? I pray they will catch them and I pray they will go away for a long time.

One of the boys suffered a broken nose; the other eye's were so swollen from the hits that his eye's closed up.  Sam's face was sliced open, 9 teeth broken, teeth  and bruising covering most of his body. He can hardly walk. The girls could not thank them enough

This is England in 2012.  This shows the lawlessness of our youth; the lack of respect for human life; the ease in which violence is accepted.

It sent shivers down my spine. 


  1. I am appalled,truly I am. My sincere condolences to Daisy, to Sam and his friends. I hope they all make a full recovery and I hope the police catch these stupid, senseless criminals.

    You are right though, Mummyattheschoolgate. This is indeed England 2012 and it is not an England I like at all. It is about time successive governments of this country stood up for the honest majority, shelved the PC rubbish and repair the damage that has been done.

    1.'re so right! Ultimately it is the fault of the governments for pandering to the "rights" of mindless idiots who have no pride or respect for themselves or others. I'm fed up to the back teeth that normal law abiding people are being stamped on constantly! Ohhh...I think I ranted a bit!

  2. That's so sad. I really hope he's on the mend soon. I have to say that it's an aspect of the UK that I don't miss at all, and I totally agree with Jane on a lot of points...

    1. Sometimes I think moving out of the country is the way forward. It's absolutely bonkers!

  3. OMG... what a horrible.. horrible things to have happened to the lad. Hope he gets well soon and those rouges are caught. The youth has so much aggression in them. It hurts to see. here of things like this.
    Glad to have found you at the hop. Your newest follower and a regular visitor nw,

  4. How are the boys recovering, Mummyattheschoolgate? Any news on catching the offenders?

    1. Hi Jane, sorry for not replying (new laptop and lost password! duh!!)and thanks for your concern.

      Fortunately, during the first week after the incident the police made an arrest. The following week 3 further arrests were made. I'm not sure how long the process takes or what they are being charged with, but it's good news, isn't it? I feel for Daisy. She's so angry, and hopes it goes to court when she can stand up and say "I hope you rot in hell!". It's the nastiest thing she can think of to say, but I'm sure she won't! She's far too well "brung" up!!

      The boys are all good. Her son's teeth are all mashed up and is now wearing a brace. It will cost in the region of £5000 to fix it all. The others had facial injuries, and I believe are OK. The funny thing is, the boys are models and were due on a shoot the next day. I believe the company were none too impressed...neither would I have been...they didn't look pretty!!!

  5. I am very, very pleased to hear this Mummyattheschoolgate - and better news than I expected! I sincerely hope those lads get convicted and that Sam and the boys continue to make a good recovery - hope they practice their modelling moves at your place by the way:)


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