Am I gawjus? Yo betcha yo ass!

That Samantha Brick is a girl, isn't she?  I don't mean girl as in "girl" (but you know that, don't you?) but as in a girl who likes to stir up controversy.

She's got the whole of the nation gabbing about her bit in the Daily Wail;  her follow up piece clearly written in haste (not!) and I wonder why the nation can't see that this has probably been one great, big PR stunt?  The Daily Wail had warned of the backlash (mentioned on This Morning), yet it wasn't tempered to suit the readership but to ensure that a campaign followed that would ensure her theory was proven correct and her profile elevated. And....reading between the lines I know it was more to provoke a reaction...the girl ain't that stupid....surely?

In another of her pieces she's spoken of her agony of acne and how it's blighted her life and lost her a chance at success, so it strikes me as a bit odd that her current popularity (or unpopularity) is concerned with why women dislike her. I feel for those with acne, and I don't hate them. Putting two and two together (possibly making five), I'm suspicious and I'm cynical and I think she's achieved what she planned....notoriety!

Now me?  Will I suffer the dreaded backlash, because I'm gawjus? 

  • I've had men following me down the street (whilst I've dropped various items of food - mainly chicken nuggets and peas). 

  • I've had men and boys buy me my train ticket (probably because I've begged them as I scrabbled around in the bottom of my bag and only coming up with dust).
  • I've had men let me in the queue in front of them (because the kids were screaming blue murder in their lug 'oles).
  • I've had men queuing up to buy me drinks (as I drop  to my knees in panic as the change in my purse has done a shotgun scatter whilst the men were dying of thirst!).
  • I have boys and men give up their seats on the tube (I do topple over a bit and tread on their feet with my spiked heels).
  • Men wolf whistle (from behind it all looks peachy....but when I turn round...whoa!!!) maybe she's got it all wrong. Maybe women dislike her so much because she's irritating? Like me? The difference between us both, is that I see trees...she see's the woods.
Don't hate me because men chase me...I've probably left without paying for something!

Photo credit:  Salvatore Vuono at FreeDigital

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