Fashion Friday - What to wear?

I've been looking through magazines for guidance on what to wear this summer.  It's all brights and colours, which is a bit annoying as I only do black (or grey at a push!). It seems like the 90's  80's and the 50's are back!! What?  Do we take our pick? Can we mix and match?  Some of the advice was to use what you already have with one stating we should "wear your cardigan backwards, or wear your coat as a cape!  A good idea, I thought but when I tried it this morning on my jaunt with the dogs, the Caped Coat not only made me look like Superman, it also made me look as if I had no arms, it slipped off my shoulders and fell in the mud!  Just how practical is this advice, when you're hacking through the undergrowth with two bounding mutts or  with a trolley full of Cheerio's , toilet rolls and three rugruts screaming for sweets?

One useful tip was to "Revamp Old Faves".  I could certainly pull out my mothers old stuff, but I'm not sure her 50's style swimsuit has stood the test of time, and anyway, it  would probably make my legs resemble like sausages! I notice Paisley has made a come back, although I'm not sure that Ma's gear would  make the cut!  One particular dress that I found rather nice, but it's way out of the ball park (so far out, it's in another country), in terms of price, so I shall have to wait until I find it on ebay -I don't think so! But thank you anyway Stella McCartney for sharing such beauty at £1925 for the dress and £1945 for the jacket!

Another little tip that I picked up from perusing the mags, is those wonderful little peter pan collars that sit over your round neck jumpers or t-shirts!  What a find!  It's going to save me a fortune.  Zara do lace ones for £18 but various ones can be found much cheaper on ebay! Or you could make them yourselves, if you're nifty on the old sewing machine (which, alas I'm not!)

Zara Linen Jacket
And what's all this about silky bomber jackets?  I've now got to ditch the leather one, I spent a small fortune on which is the staple of my wardrobe! There is no way I want to look like Bucks Fizz or Brotherhood of Man and it seems that fashion is geared in this general direction. I'm not too keen on the yellow capri pants - yellow is so not my colour.  Did I tell you I like black? Anyway, I'm a bit of a fan of Zara.  Their linen knit range is so easy to wear, and I usually buy a t-shirt in each colour to wear over a vest! Their colours are muted blues, greys, white...and black! They've got some linen knit cardi's which drape beautifully...a perfect cover up for those like me with the bingo wings!

I did pop some pop some ginormous, dangly earrings into the basket, along with a heavy pearl bracelet and some wired headbands which stick up like Minnie mouse.  The earring got caught in the jumper and ripped a big(ger) hole in my ears and I nearly wept! The boys think I look odd in my wired headband, and BH says all I need is a set of rollers, red lipstick and some dungarees and I'd look like a land girl!

Even after this, I still can't find my "style"... maybe I'll just stick with the jeans and white much simpler!

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