Once in a lifetime....

We're heartbroken.

I knew it was coming, but I didn't know when and I didn't know how. 

Yesterday, we lost our beloved Chubba.

Now I know he wasn't human, but we loved him...and he loved us and this makes it easy for me to say.

The kids keep crying. BH wells up constantly, and me...well, I'm next to useless at the moment.  I know it'll pass.  I know we were lucky to have such a faithful friend.  I know we gave him a loving home, but I'll miss his head on my knee. I'll miss the feel of his soft head under my hands, his silky ears and his thumping tail.  I'll miss having to step over him at every turn, I'll miss the black dense hair on the floor, I'll miss walking peacefully with him. Chubba was that one of a kind dog.  The one you know that only comes along once in your lifetime.  That perfect fit. He gave love fiercely but never demanded.

But I'll miss him. My special boy. My beautiful boy.

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