Monday, 5 November 2012

Order! Order!

I feel like I'm riding against the waves. The harder I push the further I fall behind and it's an awful long way to get past the foaming peaks...and my arms hurt!  Everything needs doing but my priority is to sit down, smoke a fag, and look out of the window at the blue it any wonder I'm being pushed closer to the shoreline?

This morning I've been trying to sort out my google reader.  I have a zillion blogs to read and I'm trying to get them in some order.  The first few I've looked at haven't posted since 2009.  Do I un-subscribe or do I keep those little gems in my little gems folder? I know google reader is so passe but I reluctant to change, and anyway I have no idea what to replace it with or how to do it!  I'm loath to do anything that means I have to think and when I do...brain freeze! I really don't want to offend anyone. Considering I don't know any of them personally, it's all getting a little bit too deep for my liking and it's freaking me out!

There are a million things that need sorting out.  I think I may need a life coach..even better, a cleaner! BH won't consider a life coach...he thinks I should have it all sorted by now, but if I can't get my brain in order what hope is there for the rest of it all?

So my life space is in complete disarray along with my hard-drive..and my google reader... and will be for the foreseeable future cos I just can't be arsed anymore!


  1. You sound swamped by stuff!

    My general rule of thumb with blogs is to bid them a fond farewell if they haven't been updated in say 6-12 months....

    1. I sooooo am! The thing is, I'm obviously a bit of a horder...of everything! I put it all in a box to deal with later. The trouble is, then I'm faced with a mountain of boxes! I blame my Ma!



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