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Although it's Silent Sunday, I think an explanation may be required.  Peewee (pictured) has insisted on chewing on the legs of our kitchen chairs.  BH decided to make some "chair socks" in an attempt to stall further damage, however Peewee has decided to chew above the sock...clever dog?

Silent Sunday


  1. What a very naughty but rather gorgeous dog!

    My dog sometimes steals & eats pants and poops in corners where you can't find them so I think your dog is good in comparison?

  2. No,no, no...I think I have the naughtiest pup in history. He drags plant pots (with the plants) into the kitchen and attempts to eat them. Nothing is off limits....but I never catch him doing it! But they are lovely aren't they..if it was the kids..well!


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