Stuff about me.

Pretty boring really...I like to read.  I like to think. I can't cook.  I can't sew....and I'm a terrible mother (as I keep being told by my children).  Other children (who are not my own) think I'm really cool...I like to think I am too!  Ma to 3; Mimi, Finn and Bart.  Surrogate to BB ( nephew, Big/Beautiful Ben), and meaningful wife to BH.

My family is/are my world, although I do have another life (but I like to keep that on the back burner), which is not as important but earns a crust to help pay for their shoes.

My family makes me laugh, they are cheeky (BH included) and I wonder what I did before them...probably slept! I love clothes (pretty gross if I didn't wear them!) and am always trying to arrange my wardrobe so I don't have to think when I get up in the morning, but always end up with some ensemble which resembles Nora Batty.

I've always scribbled, but never published. I scribble everywhere; my scribbles are on napkins, on envelopes, on scaps of paper, but not on walls! I have a lot to say but rarely say it.  But I want this to be a place where I can say what I want and record a bit of history for my family...I see it differently to them, but hopefully they will see how funny I find them....before I forget, or die!

It would be nice if you left a comment, then I'll know you've been...and I promise I will come and visit you too!

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