How it began....

Most women make and keep their friends from an early age, or they meet them when they first start work. I made my friends when my children began school and despite the varying age gaps it works well for us. That’s not to say that I don’t keep in touch with my “old” friends, but at the moment I have more in common with this particular group of women. Our ages range from 35 through to 55, but that doesn’t seem to matter now that we have got to know each other better.
It all began with the School Quiz night.
I remember BH, (Better half), voicing his opinion that he wasn’t particularly interested in meeting new people as he had enough friends to keep up with and this group would only add to the list…and he didn’t like the look of “those women”…they scared him! Did he have to go? I said that I had no intention in going by myself, and anyway we’d be back by 10pm, plus he didn’t have to take me out that week as this counted towards our “social life”.
I must admit, that I was fairly nervous. I had only spoken occasionally to these women and it was Victoria who had arranged the table.
“We need to make up a table from our class for the quiz night…shall I put you and your husband down? ” she’d asked
“Um, I’m not sure..can I let you know?”
“Well, they’re filling up pretty quickly, and I’d hate you to miss out. It’s a fun evening…we’re having cheese and wine!”
Well, I couldn’t say no to an evening out away from the kids…so I agreed.

"Not worry Mrs M" trilled Miriam, (our au-pair) "I look after all dress up have many wine, and get slayed!"

"I don't think so Miriam. It's only a quiz night. We'll be back by 10...I'm sure I'm going to be pretty bored anyway" I'm still not sure what she meant by "slayed"??
Anyway to cut a very long story short...we didn't get home 'til 3 am, we got accused of cheating (we were!) , won the quiz, I got pissed (only because I was so nervous), so did all the others, laughed too loud, embarrassed myself in front of the headmaster.......with the overhead lights on full....and met four like-minded souls!
The next morning (more like afternoon), I crawled out of my pit and held my head in shame.
"I must phone to apologise for my outrageous behaviour!" I cried to BH.
"What for?" he laughed "You were all as bad as each other. Jude tried to dance on the table, but kept falling off. Stella kept telling her to take her shoes off as she'd be more likely to stay upright. Victoria wanted to take her clothes off, and you were encouraging her. Marion, well, she fell asleep straight after she tried to set fire to the flower arrangements. Tom, couldn't get her to wake up so had to hoist her over his shoulder.....then he dropped her! We all had to take an arm and a leg each and carry her to her car.....not a dignified exit I'm afraid"
"Oh my god" I wept "What must everyone think?"
Monday morning came and I armed myself with the kids and head down, marched into the school. Halfway through the gates, I heard my name called....Jude clutching her youngest ran over..
."OMG, I'm so sorry...I feel such a fool. What must you think?"

Two seconds later, we were joined by Stella and Victoria.

"Hello ladies! That was a good night! I've not had so much fun in ages...gotta do it again!"

Marion bustled over . "Helloooo. Thank your men for helping out the other what's next on the social calender? Anyone fancy coming over to us this weekend?"
...and that was how it began...


  1. Now how come I never meet any moms like that at my kids' school?! Thanks for visiting my blog. And I get to be your first follower. Lucky me.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, do drop by again. And in the interests of your own sanity-keep your name! You are not simply someone's Mummy! Even though until they reach 25 you might feel like it!


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