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Do as I say not as I if!

I wish the kids would listen to me....I've been a role model, albeit not a very good one. I don't drink or smoke in front of them.  I try not to swear or use foul language in front of them (which has proven a tad difficult when driving and they're my passengers when I come across a numpty who insists on driving well below the speed limit or who cuts me up with gay abandon!)

I used to explain why they couldn't do something and explain in detail the reasoning behind my "no" request...and a request it was.  Now I just say "...because I said so!".   I can no longer be bothered to get into a debate especially as they began to argue back and I seem to lose my bargaining power.  Did I teach them that?  They've become very good at coming across with valid arguments to support their "wants" and are very persuasive these days.  How did that happen?

I think it might have something to do with the Debating Team at school. Bart has taught his young…

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