Uncomfortable Episodes....

I'd always thought I was a popular soul, but now and again I get the feeling that sometimes people uncomfortable in my company.  It's happened on a couple of occasions  and all I want to do is hide in a hole.  I've placed myself into he vulnerable position of being in their company, and they just turn away and talk to someone else!!  Sheeeet!!  I'm not that odd or boring but when it happens find myself at a loss at what to say and just stand there hoping that something will pop into my head...and the more I feel uncomfortable the more I see the discomfort in their faces...not a pleasant situation to be in from where I'm standing.

The other evening BH and I went out for dinner with the family of BB's (beautiful Ben) girlfriend.  She's wanted us to meet them (as she loves us so!) and to thank us for putting up with them over the past year!  Girlfriend "kind of" moved in with BB and us all, making it a very jolly and noisy homestead.  Lots of screaming and fighting but that's nothing new.  Anyhoo, I thought I'd have a good time, as I like meeting new folks..or so I thought.  I cracked a couple of "ice breaking" jokes...silence!  Ah well, I thought.  Maybe they need to get to know me first. So I started to chat with the person sitting next to me. Very nice she was too.  On the other side was her husband...how was I to know he had Tourettes???  We had a lovely swearing session with the rest of the family looking on aghast!  I thought it was great fun...first time I got to swear with impunity...if only to put the other guest at ease!  BB, said he thought they didn't get me...

Or like the time I attended a Charity Do. Previously I'd spoken with many folk  at other events and one guest came up to a friend I was chatting with.  I knew her vaguely, passed a few comments "Lovely to see you" "You look lovely" "How are you doing?"  shake hands, blah, blah, during which my friend turned away to talk to another.  The acquaintance turned heel and grabbed a passer by and I was left standing holding my champagne in the middle of the floor with  a space surrounding me which at the time felt like an ocean!!! Talk about awkward!  I couldn't see anyone I knew nearby, so hightailed it outside to calm my nerves with a fag...and another glass of champagne!!! It ruined my bloody evening I can tell you!

Maybe it's because I'm a sensitive soul? Or I'm so good at reading body language? Not hugely embarrassing, but enough to know that I should stick with who I know!


  1. This happens to me all the time. I get nervous and turn into a patronising sarcasm bot in company. That's why I stay home and drink alone.

  2. Lol...much easier!! I obviously not amusing company..even worse after a drink!

  3. That's nothing!! Try "not-being-invited-to-a-wedding-incase-you-insult-the brides-parents-inadvertently!!" or others avoiding all eye contact because of a raucous night you thought amusing!
    Drink at home alone - t's far safer!!

  4. Try not to let it bother you, it's probably not you! Emma :)

  5. I have uncomfortable episodes a lot - mainly with the other mums. I find myself enthusing about something, for instance, and catch them looking at me as if I'm a llittle mad. Quite frankly I couldn't care less. I've got my bessie mates, they know what I'm like and I know all their foibles and we all have a good laugh.

    The swearing session sounds hilarious btw!


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