This is England - 2012 update.

Do you remember a post I made last year?  A post about a friends son who'd be attacked?

Well, if you don't let me refresh your memory...or at least give you a point in the right direction.

This is England - 2012 

Did I tell you what happened next?  I know I didn't because it was important to keep that information to myself...just in case!

I didn't tell you they caught the "perps" and I didn't follow up with a "what happened next" because "what happened next" meant that had this information been freely available it may have hindered any conviction and may have halted a process that needed to be seen through to it's conclusion.
(In this day of modern technology it helps to be aware that it could be used against the very people you're trying to help and protect and I had no intention of that happening).

At the time of the attack and for a few weeks after, we had no idea who the attackers may have been or why this unprovoked attack had happened. Her son was beaten to within an inch of his life.  He thought he was going to die when he saw the feet come running over on that petrol station forecourt and those same feet aim kicks at the head. 

My friend "Daisy" and her family were kept informed and updated and once the wheels started turning...they turned!

If you remember, several cars turned up in the forecourt.  Some of their registrations were clear on the CCTV tape. Those cars were traced to a group of men, one of whom was Costadinos Contostavlos...better known as Dappy from N-Dubz.  Shocked yet?

The footage of the attack has now been released by Surrey Police for public consumption. This is not the full attack but an edited version of what happened.

"Daisy" when she saw the footage in court for the first time, had to hold her hand over her mouth to stop herself from shouting out in horror. To see her boy being beaten to the ground for protecting two young women was too much for any mother to view.  She breaks down each time she re-calls her experience. I break down when I see her despair.

 Unfortunately, the poor girls who were standing as witnesses were derided for their contributions on twitter and were made to look as guilty as "Crappy from NDubz" despite the fact that they were witnesses in a brutal attack and were defending those who had been attacked for protecting them. In spite of the "Defences" attack on the girls, they were credible due to the fact they stood by their original statement...they had no idea who the attackers were.
Dappy in his defence stated that "I was just promoting me new record...guv!".  Really? Even though all those present hadn't a clue who you were? I think not matey!

However, the prosecution stance was not that the girls had been attacked, nor that they were to be abducted (as they clearly were and may have been had the boys not been there) but did an attack happen? Evidence proved that it did...assault was proven, affray was proven, but not the ferocity of the attack. How could you calculate how bad an attack was? Broken teeth, broken nose, black eye?  Death?  Had it not been for the quick response of the police, I have no doubt that it may have been a murder charge.

After a gruelling week at Guildford Crown Court, Dappy and a couple of the ones that were caught were found guilty and last week they were sentenced.   I'm sure you know all this...and if you don't...well now you do.

Thankfully, those boys have moved on. They won't dwell on what has happened.  One of them told their parents that they would do the same again.  They would protect the fairer species.  They would stand up to the bullies

The thing is, Dappy was guilty and although his suspended sentence may have been appropriate, had he not been there the attack wouldn't probably have happened.  For "Daisy" and her family, justice has been served.  I doubt very much that Dappy will be able to stay out of trouble for the required 18 months and when he steps out of line

I'm not knocking Dappy for his musical ability (if he has any), I'm knocking him for his contribution to humanity as lower than the sewer rats who infest our drains.  Yes, Ladies and Gentleman...This is England!

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