My left foot... Day 1

I have a left foot. I think I've had it fixed although at the moment my eyes are not too clear and the brain still a bit fuzzy.  I had a lovely sleep, thank you very much but they woke me up to make sure I was still alive.  Did I ever tell you how much I like sleeping?  Anyway, I digress

I've never been a fan of feet.  They look disgusting - on me anyway so for years I've hidden my left foot beneath various items of covered shoe-wear or socks.  Ski boots have been the best as they show no deformity. My shoes have generally been a size too large.  I often trip out of one as it's too big and embarrassingly end up bleating "Oohhh...there goes my shoe!" giggle, giggle!

In my befuddled state I've posted a picture on Facebook of my left foot.  I didn't mean to, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  My foot is twice the size of the other one.  The sympathy trail was delightful.  People thought I'd had an accident.  I hadn't. I'd had Hallux Valgus and an Osteotomy Hallux scarf  surgery and a few other things.  In plain English that means a Bunion (disgusting word) and a hammer toe surgery.  I didn't ask for too many details about the surgery as I didn't want to worry unduly which is what I'd do if I knew exactly what they were supposed to do. I'd worry I wouldn't wake up and I'd worry that they'd do the wrong foot, which is what they could've done had they not triple checked with me and the foot! Thank god, they didn't ask me in the pre-op phase.  I may have told them to take them both off and give me a face lift instead! 

For some reason, I thought the view from bed as they wheeled me to the operating theater was really cool! I hadn't taken any drugs at that point but I could see how the impact from a patient's perspective could be quite interesting.  I wish I'd taken my go-pro!
The anesthetist told me that shortly I'd feel like I had a G&T  "I think I've had 10!" I said.  "I'm not saying anything else in case I incriminate myself." and "I think some one may have to show me back to my room as I'm not sure I'll be able to walk straight!".  I think they laughed, but I'm not sure because I next woke up in the recovery room.

I have a long piece of wire sticking out the end of the second toe, supposedly to keep it straight.

The hospital staff are absolutely lovely.  I love 'em! They were sweet, thoughtful and ever so caring. I'm not sure what I thought they'd be like but in their hands I had no worries and woke up with a gentle stroke of my arm and a sweet smile. I feel like I'm in fluffy land.  No pain at the mo, but I'm sure it'll kick in once the anesthetic wears off.

So now I'm sitting up in bed, with a nice cuppa and two hobnobs finishing off "And the Mountains Echoed" with a few blokes moaning and groaning around me.  I think they've had their bits done...I think I might have heard one of them ask for them in a jar...or did I imagine that?


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