Thank the lord...

Breath in....breath out...breath in....heave a sigh of relief.  Christmas is over and I actually got through it without crying, throwing a tantrum or throwing the kids out!  

I wish I could say it was peaceful and magical...but it wasn't.  It was one continuous food fest from Christmas Eve until just 10 minutes ago, when I stuffed the last mince pie down BH's throat, even though he was protesting he couldn't eat another thing.  The thought that I might wake in the night and creep down and eat it was all that was playing on my mind. No more bleedin' mince pies! Yee haww! The house is a bit empty now that Sis and her family (with BB and Girlfriend), Ma and Pa, Bro and partner have all departed to their various homesteads, but I'm glad they've gone. I've loved having them, but I love having my home back.

The kids have been excellent.  They behaved better than the adults.   Sis's husband got seriously annoyed with us as we refused to play to the rules of scrabble and made up our own.  I mean, there were three under 13 who had no idea what "ZOANTHARIANS" means.  I didn't either but I'm not admitting to it! He threatened to take the board away!!  It was our board! Fortunately, I think we can put it down to alcohol and tiredness as Mimi ran in at 5.30, jumped on their bed and demanded that he put together her dolls house.  BH told her to do it! 

So now I'll get on with the clearing up.  The toys will stay stacked in the living room until I have the energy to sort them out. But I'm looking forward to ripping down the decorations and giving the place a good dusting!  Roll on the 12th night!


  1. I cannot wait to take down our tree... Real tree's and underfloor heating do not mix as we have discovered! Glad you had a good Christmas by the sounds of things! Here's to a great 2012! Emma :)

  2. LOL..Is it now petrified, Emma? At least our needles are no longer dropping because they are completely bare!! All of the chocolates have seemed to have disappeared..wonder where? Have a great 2012...onwards and upwards! xx


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