My baby girl...

Now Mimi is a beautiful child. She's the kind of child that people come up to in the street and exclaim "Oh my goodness, isn't she pretty!" It's not a question but a statement of fact. When she was a baby, she wasn't so fact she was a bit ugly, looking back. But as my ma-in-law would say, she's grown into her face. To look at her one would think that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Her curly hair and her chocolate brown eyes melt many hearts and she's going to be absolutely stunning. Mimi can do no wrong. She's also a "mean table layer!" She does it properly; making sure the knives and forks are placed correctly.  Unlike her brothers she clears the table of the debris before laying.....and puts it away.  Her bothers just slide stuff to one side or lay the places on top of the piles of papers.  But she's more than just her face.  She has a personality. She's feisty. She's funny, and she has a great turn of phrase.

Looking through the many photos I have of her, there are very few where she's not pulling some kind of gross face. There's not a picture where she's wearing anything that resembles an outfit. It might not even be clean.  It may be crumpled but  as long as it's pink, it's fine.

She will play with her dolls, have picnics with the "fugly" bears that my sister has bought.  Sis won't buy pretty dolls or bears..Mimi thinks "fugly" is good!

Yesterday at dinner, Bart stole a a piece of her cheesecake.

"Do that again" she growled  "and I will stick my hand down your throat and yank it back! "

She didn't whine or moan, just told it like it was.  Her brother replaced the stolen piece with a biscuit stolen from Finns plate.  Finn whined and moaned...but that's what boys do! She is 5 years younger than her oldest brother, yet she takes no nonsense. When the boys do something that offends her she tells them "I'm going to rip your skin off!"....probably not the best way to deal with incidents, but she knows a firm hand is needed with boys.

I don't have any worries for her, like I do my sons.  She knows what she wants; she's direct and a joy to have working alongside me in the kitchen. She empties the dishwasher because she wants to. She hugs me hard and won't let go; she squeezes me hard and sinks her teeth into my hand then smothers it with kisses. I know then that those are the feelings she can't contain, and I know that she will love without fear.

I know what my ma means when she says, "You love your children in different ways".  I couldn't understand when I was younger (pre-kids).  I thought you should love your children the same way. No favourites, all equal.  But now I can understand what she means.  Each of the children are so different, and I love them for their quirky ways.   I will always love them not for what they do for me, but what they are to me.

Hopefully she will grow into the woman she wants to be.  She's  moving along the right track and I will attempt to guide her. I love my daughter and I know that I am all she needs...for now!

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