Do clothes maketh man, especially if you don't wear them?

Before the kids I was a savvy shopper.  Everything went with something. My wardrobe was arranged perfectly, and I would spend hours working out what I needed. I still have those clothes but they no longer fit. In fact, very little fits.
I used to walk the dogs in beautiful velvet trousers until one of the mums from the school gate commented on them.

"Ohh, I see you're walking the dogs in velvet trousers.  How decadent!"

I'm still not sure if she was being admiring or sarcastic!  From the look on her face I believe it was possibly the latter. Most of the mums at the school gate look pretty amazing, and I wonder how they do it, especially as they seem to have 3 or 4 sprogs in tow.

Now it's jeans and a white t-shirt (if I can find a clean one), often it's a dressing gown until 12, (in my defence I work long hours!), then a quick change into track suit bottoms, wellingtons and a jumper to walk the dogs, then another quick change into smart (ish) jeans, another (thinner) jumper, and a coat (plus a dash of lipstick, mascara and a hair brush!) to collect the kids...then back into the tracksuit!  I  have no idea why I change so much! Some times I wear the "somethings" so often that they actually wear out and I wish I'd bought 2 of the same item.

I also buy clothes that are very, very beautiful.  Things I just like to look at, things that still have the labels on, and things that I'm saving (saving for what?).  I don't wear dresses, but I have hundreds of them.  All sparkly and beady, vintage and precious, and I just love them. Everything is for an occasion, but those occasions either never happen or the dresses are too small!

I sound like some weird Mrs Havisham, but I swear I haven't worn my wedding dress since the day I last wore it. I don't sit in the room with a decaying wedding cake...and I don't have a fire in the room so there's no risk of me setting fire to myself!

I used to buy and sell vintage clothing. Half of the stuff I still have because I can't bear to let them go.  I have a room in my house where all my clothes are stored and no one but me goes in there. The walls are all lined with wardrobes, but most of the floor space is stacked with boxes with stuff in that I can't  bear to part with. Mimi is allowed in, but only if she's clean and without drawing implements! The boys knock on the door and wait outside if they want my attention. Like some paintings the clothes stored away from sunlight because I don't want them damaged or faded. 

If you walked around the upstairs of my home, you'd see that my passion has become a bit haphazard.  On the beds of the spare room, clothes are piled high. I'm sorting, you see. Some of the stuff goes to the charity shop, but most goes back into the wardrobes or remains on the beds until I decide what to do with them, which clearly is taking a long time!

Most of the stuff I have is not practical for daily wear ...and I have to do practical in a big way!! When I first had Bart, I couldn't wait to get out the clothes that were the "baby wear".  I couldn't wait to put on those clothes that were calling out to me. The clothes without the elasticated waists.  The ones that didn't have the "baby guff" on the shoulders. But those are the ones that are my life now.  They have mud on the legs, paint on the sleeves and possible food on the front.

I have no particular style, and if you saw me you'd wonder who I was.  I go from classic to grungy in a heart beat. But if you saw my wardrobes you'd know that all I have is a passion for beautiful things...things I can't wear!!

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