Five things I want my kids to know about me....but not just yet!

Following in the vein of the bloggers I so admire ( thanks to @notesfromhome), I thought I'd add mine into the mix. I'm probably repeating some very wise words (actually, I'm probably not!), and these are some of the things that my kids will probably think are gross now, but when they reach my age will realise that I'm a pretty cool mum. They may not see it, as they have no one else to compare me with just yet!

1. I once gave up my job because it interfered with my social life! OK, so it probably wasn't a good move, but if I hadn't left, I think they may have sacked me so I took a leap of faith and it threw up various opportunities which would never have happened had I not thrown in the towel. My parents never made me do anything I didn't want to do, and told me I could be whoever I wanted to be...and this is what I want for you. Do something you makes life so much easier!
2. I had a ball as a twenteen. I did because I had no ties. I travelled. I met lots of different people. I had adventures. I did dangerous things, but I was lucky because there were a lot of good people looking out for me. I believe this had an effect on the person I am now. Never regret the things you do...just the things you don't.
3. Even though I shout, I shout because I love you! If I shout, know it's because I love you and not because I've got big lungs. I shout when you make me afraid and I shout when I'm relieved. I also shout to get myself heard above the cacophony that makes up this household. I have to shout louder than you so that you understand the danger that is just about to happen and if the shout gets higher, it's because I'm really afraid!
4. You may not think I'm cool, but you will when you're my age. You don't understand cool yet...but I am so "it"!! You may think your mummy's a little bit odd, but that's because I'm way cooler than anyone you know. You think Sarah's mother is cool...she's not, she's just got an Aga and happens to bake wicked cakes. I may not bake cakes, but I can make you laugh even if it is inappropriate....and I taught you to stand up on a yeah...I'm cool.
5. I fell in love with your father the minute I laid eyes on him. I never believed in love at first sight until I met your father. I just never thought it would happen...I certainly didn't expect it. I recognised him the moment I saw him, and I knew there would be no one else. We moved in together 3 weeks after we met. I am still in love with your father, and I hope you find someone to spend the rest of your lives with....and if it all goes pear shaped...never regret it!

So, there you list of 5 things. Now I'm going to read the other bloggers postings and realise that I'm completely off kilter and this wasn't what they meant at all!!

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