And the Liebster Award goes to....

I'm so excited!  Lovely Manana Mama has awarded Yuckymum (me!!), the Liebster Blog very first!  So my acceptance speech goes thus....

I'd like to thank my friends and family who have supported me through this process; to the kids for giving up the chance to spend quality time with their moma; to BH who for allowing tins of baked beans to replace lavish feasts; and not forgetting those working behind the scenes.... blah, blah, blah!

But now onto the more serious stuff, and the duty of "Paying it forward". The idea of the award is to spread the lurve and  to bring lesser known (or not) but great blogs to light therefore I am pleased to nominate the following favourite blogs of mine as recipients of this award:

 A Very British Dude  Radical, verrrry naughty..and they make me laugh..... a lot. The blog is written by two very opinionated libertarians who push the boundaries of acceptable thought!!  I can't honestly see them accepting this award, and I'd be horrified if he reciprocated, but their rants are something to behold. If you like fluffy, furry reads then enter at your peril....or don't enter at all!

Katy Acquaye Tonge...A newish blogger who writes with pure emotion. Her artwork is amazing and her writing soulful. She moves me with her gentle expression and it always a pleasure to sit, read, and be peaceful with her. 

Witty Ways of a Wayward Wife. Not a tweeter, twit or tweep  but a very funny writer. She has won many awards with her self-deprecating wit. Jane is a brilliant writer that will keep you amused into the wee hours. A must read!

Mama...and more.  Oh and she is so much than just another mother. Twenty something in her head, thirty something in her passport, Super-Tot in tow she catches the spirit of real life and translates it all into a fabby read.

As with any award there comes certain rules and responsibilities and if you accept this award you must do the following:
  1. Create a blog post about the award. Include the Liebster image and a link back to me.
  2. Choose and notify 3-5 of your favourite bloggers to pass the award on to, with an eye towards bringing new or lesser-known bloggers to light. 
  3. Sit back, basking in the warm Liebster glow, and toasting with fine champagne..or a cup of tea
Feel the lurve.....

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