Meme .....Filling in the blanks

Mama ...and more  .... tagged me for this particular piece and I will do my best to oblige. I'm not too good at describing myself and hope that this will give you an insight into who I am. 

I idiot, but more than that, I am a stupid idiot.   much more than I was at 20. Searching for my reason for being, brings me to where I am now. I am all I was brought up to be, and no longer afraid of making a mistake or admitting it. I am proud of who I am and fear has no place in my life. 

The bravest thing I have ever done….was to chase after two young men who had broken into
my car and stolen the stereo...OK, maybe not brave but stupid, but I did get my stereo back!

I feel prettiest..... when I have a brown paper bag over my head. I've always said that BH married me for my earning potential...he doesn't disagree.
Something that keeps me up at night.... is worrying I may have inadvertently offended someone. I say things without thinking...BECAUSE I THINK IT'S FUNNY. This phrase has been used many times in my defence and on many occasions it has worked. I very nearly lost my job because of it!
My favourite meal is.... chocolate...but you really can't have a meal of chocolate (without throwing up), so that probably doesn't count.  So it would have to be egg and chips. We were never allowed chips growing up, so chips dunked in an egg with mayo.  Clearly I haven't evolved as a foodie.

The way to my heart having a wicked sense of humour. An incredibly beautiful person without humour is like eating chocolate without taste buds...such a waste of time!  I was attracted to BH initially because he was gorgeous...but he also slayed me with his!

I would like to be... an actress when I grow up, failing that a cowboy.  These two dreams are never likely to happen. 

So, there you in all my gory, glory. Now I've got to tag some other peeps that I've been reading recently, if they've done it already, my apologises to them. If they don't want to, I know they'd love you to visit. Thanks to lovely Mama... and more,  for thinking of me.

Cherry Mum of  6,   
Him me and three
Metal Mummy
Memoirs of a Middle Class Mummy


  1. Aww i am sure you are not a stupid idiot and i class running after those 2 men extremely brave, i couldn't have done it.
    Thanks for the tag but i have already completed it. xx

  2. Thanks for tagging me in this hun - I've already done it though! Seems like a popular meme! x


  3. I clearly don't know enough people! Thanks guys. x

  4. Brilliant! And I love the idea of being a cowboy when you grow up!! I clearly need more imagination ; )

  5. I say, you got your stereo back! That's seriously impressive! No one would ever break into my car - there's so much rubbish on the floor it already looks like it's been burgled. I even leave the doors open - but no such luck I'm stuck with the Old Girl:)

  6. Absolutely with you on the sense of humour thing. Also on the cowboy thing. But the egg and chips thing? Hmmm, the jury's still out on that one!

  7. Don't diss the egg and chips! A bit like chicken soup for the soul...I could do gyoza (yum, yum) at a push!
    Jane, leaving the car open would be an ivitation for the squatters! Don't do it!

  8. Thanks for tagging me. I did mine and it's at


  9. Ahh..thanks anyway. Looks like I was too late for most of you! It's the early bird and all that!


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