Anger got the better of me today......

I think I've been bullied...well not exactly bullied but chastised for not doing something the wasn't in my remit!  How did I handle it?  Badly I think. 

Initially, when he approached me, I apologised for not doing that thing I wasn't supposed to do. I apologised and remained calm and took responsibility for the error/oversight. But he kept on going!  

Tell me once, and it goes in, but tell me a second, third and fourth time it becomes a little bit irritating. I'm not three! Sometimes I'm an adult.  It really was no biggie.  However, it was for him.  

I think it may have been his passive/aggressive stance on the matter that raised the hackles. Stern faced, enunciated, clipped words, I declared,  "I will repeat myself, yet again...I apologise!" and with a toss of the hair I flounced off in the direction of the loo's where I had a weep at the anger mounting in me!  At that point I really wished I was a ninja!

"Breath in, breath out, he's a twat, breath in, nasty little twunt, breath out, breath in, get a grip, breath out."

 I don't do's not in my job description.  I do calming, I do stroking and I do loving!

I'm more annoyed with my reaction after the event, the fact that I couldn't sleep, the fact that I took it personally, and the fact that I have to do anger at all!

I don't take kindly to being chastised/bullied especially when it wasn't my fault.

I now know how the kids feel when they wail,

"It wasn't me!"


  1. I hate when that happens! I do that sometimes too and can't sleep thinking about how I could have/should have reacted.
    It's always useful though to have a moment of clarity when you think 'oh this is how the kids feel when...'

  2. Grrrrr... let me at him! I usually think of the right thing to say just moments after I say the wrong thing. Don't let it get you down!

  3. Every time that lil' incident revisits you (or any other for that matter) ... become the Ninja! Picture a few fly kicks resulting in your enemy on the floor and then in triumph adjust your neck Bruce Lee style!!! Not that I think about this stuff all the time or anything .... and lastly as my mother would say 'keep your pecker up'!!!

  4. It takes an awful lot to upset me, or to raise the anger. A quick witty quip is usually all it takes to diffuse any difficult situation...and we all remain pals!

    After nights pondering over it, I think "He" mistook my "niceness" for weakness and saw an opportunity to attack.

    Well Katy, I had fun beating the crap out of him...if only in my dreams!!

  5. Oh dear. Men are so crass at times:) If only us women ruled the world!


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