I really don't do crafts!

No, I'm definitely not one of those mothers. I have enough on my plate without encouraging them to make collages out of the remnants of my wedding dress so that I can hang it on the wall. If they want to make something I send them to the after school club.  They proudly bring home their attempts, and I proudly display it in the kitchen for a month or two then it goes into their bedroom.  I know in years to come, I'll probably coo and marvel at their skills at a tender age, but at the moment it's more clutter to add to the clutter. I now have a clear plastic box for each of the kids.  The work they've done for the year goes in the box along with all their books.  When they leave home I reckon they'll be about 10 boxes a piece...which they will be taking with them!!

Mimi, often asks if she can bake because as she says,

"You're not very good at it, are you mummy?".

Finn begs to go to the Bake Sale, because "There are mummies that bake cakes" as if it is a wonder to behold! I must admit though, they are pretty delish, but personally I just don't have the time or the inclination. Finn also like to paint. He's brought home so many string and nail pictures that I'm afraid he's going to impale himself if he trips over in his room!  I think they may have to be moved to the attic.

Stella (school mum) popped round the other day to show off  daughters (aged 7) and her matching poncho's...which they'd knitted during the Christmas holidays (wish I had the time!).  Kez, another friend was extolling the virtues of quilting on Facebook (not actually quilting on facebook) so I phoned her to find out what had  dramatically changed in her life to exchange a few bottles of red on a quiet night to quilting!  She said "I needed some adult female company.  The boys are driving me nuts and I was drinking too much...at least with quilting it keeps my hands busy enough to not remember that they are usually clutching a glass of red at this time of night!"

Sis impressed me though...she made her own play dough (she says she was motivated by the cost of the real stuff) and this year made her own Christmas crackers for all of us, each personally named and each with a personal gift.  I got a pair of Tiffany ear rings in mine! Definitely not motivated by cost! Lucky, lucky me!  Thank god Peewee didn't get hold of them...we'd be waiting in anticipation for the next drop!

A couple of years ago, I thought I'd try my hand at baking a birthday cake for Bart.  The plan was for a Bat Man car.  I bought some black food dye in an attempt to colour the icing (I didn't know that you could buy black icing!) but what I should have done was wear gloves to mix in the dye. The beds of my finger nails looked like they'd been down a pit and I couldn't get the dye out.  I had to go to work with  plasters over the worst offenders... so in all, I had around 6 plasters!! The cake was a disaster and I had to bribe a cake maker friend to do it for me! 

Now if they want to go surfing, or bike riding, or sailing...I'm your girl!  I love being outside, and will do all I can to encourage them into the fresh air. I like building secret camps and I love getting lost. I took them to a Maize maze a couple of years ago and Bart freaked when he thought we may never get home.  He begged me to call BH to get us out.  Finn found the way out by following the white markings on the corn (which I hadn't noticed) to which Finn stated "You couldn't have been  a very good girl guide!"  And do you know....I wasn't....I was very, very naughty!


  1. I just can't do crafting. We have a box of good intentions in the utility room filled with paints and clay and glitter, but I never suggest it as a way to fill an afternoon.

  2. Me too! Boxes of crayons and fuzzy felts. So what do you fill a rainy afternoon with? Mine's filled with Ben 10!!


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