So...what makes for a good blog? Damned if I know!

As it's a new year, I decided that I would do a bit of research to find out what makes a good blog, and change mine accordingly if that's what is needed. It's not a NY's resolution, but mine looks rather drab after reading and viewing a million "mommy blogs" realised that words alone are not going to make me popular. The American blogs are the slick, professional and achieve some purpose. Many of the UK bloggers are concerned with traffic and getting as many people to read them. "Be my 1000th follower!" "Read my 1000th post" "Follow, follow....".
They promote products, show offers, advertise their talents, and are there to either make money (how?), or to be popular in the popularity contest. Many are there to raise awareness (those are the ones I really like to follow!), and some are just like me!

I follow around 30 on twitter and am followed by even less (lucky 13! Whoops...just dropped to 12!!) and read around five blogs daily, but only if i have the time.   Who do those people with 3000 followers, follow and how on earth can they read all those tweets?

But what is the purpose of mine?  I'm not totally sure. But does it need a purpose?  If the blog is for me alone then I should be happy with the way it is or maybe I should just keep a diary. Why would I want the world to see it, if not to promote myself in some weird way?   

I've also noticed that some of the advice recommends getting a Facebook fan page. I'm not ready to unmask myself yet...and really, would my friends be pleased knowing that I'm writing about them?  Not sure that's a good idea.  The beauty of writing an anonymous blog is that no one knows who I am and I can say virtually what I want. Not that I intend to slate anyone here, I don't...its all about me and mine! Gathering comments are another way of making yourself popular.  Apparently, if you comment on someones blog they are more likely to comment on yours....I like it when people comment on twitter. It makes me feel worthy. So, I guess  that in the same way I should comment on theirs...if I could find their blog!  It's finding that balance.  I don't want to appear over keen or self promoting (I'm typically English in that always says self-praise is no praise!), but I'm not sure if the blog is depressing but then again it doesn't really matter, does it? It's mine and I can do what I want! "Proof reading", "Cut out the chaff"...both of those I'm rubbish at. So in it goes, mistakes and all!

Bart has said that if I plan on using what I write on here as a book, then he wants 80% as it's about him and should feature in the profits!!  He's even said that he would give me a few extra lines to use and maybe will throw in a few stories!

So while I spend the next few weeks adjusting the layout, planning it's pages and making it look extra interesting, I will also be pondering the reason for me being here. If anyone could tell me I would be very grateful!

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