What will I do at University mummy?

Finn came home from school yesterday, and was looking a little disconcerted and a little out of sorts.  He kept looking in his school bag, taking out his books and pencils then replacing them.

"Whats up honeybum?" When I call him honeybum, he giggles and tells me I always get it wrong...but this time he wasn't giggling and something was amiss as he wasn't hearing me. Not listening and hearing are two different things in my book.

"OHH (ala Ness)..wha's occurin'?"  Finn looked up, his eyes as big as saucers, with tears just filling the edge of the lids.

"What will I do at University?" he asked "Will they make me do maths..only I'm not very good at maths. Or will I have to do spelling? I don't know what to do! "

"Hey, hey...what's brought this on? I asked

"Oliver and Jamie were talking about what they were going to do at University. Oliver's going to be a Doctor, and Jamie is going to be an actor. And Ben went to University too. If I don't go to university, I won't be able to buy any comics, will I?"

Ben is my sister's lovely son, who appears at high days and holidays, all glamorous, louche and a bit of a cad  by the looks of it.  Sis nagged him to get a job telling him that "no-one gets a job by sitting on their bum". Ben is the only person I know who is able to get a job sitting on his bum!  He was in a nightclub one night (when else?) when a scout approached him to work in their store as their model. He was sitting playing the Wii with the kids the other day, when his phone rang, with the caller offering him a job in their gym...he hadn't even applied!

Now bearing in mind Finn is only 8, I wonder whether he's getting a bit ahead of himself.  Now Bart on the other hand is decidedly unconcerned about his future.

"I'm going to make a pile of dosh., then I'm going to spend the summer in the Caribbean water-skiing and the winters in Canada skiing"

I can see Bart achieving his ambitious goals, but Finn, unfortunately is a worrier. At the moment it's the fear that he won't be able to buy comics, later it will the fear that he won't be able to provide for his family.  He watches the TV, and sees the news and asks the questions.

"If they can't afford to go to University mum, will they get a job?"
"Will the price of fees be more when I go?"
"Do you have to be very rich to go to university?"

These are the questions that I try to answer honestly knowing that he is worrying about something in the future and trying to put his mind at ease.  It's no use saying to him "Don't worry, as I know that he will."

I just hope that he has the opportunity to do whatever he wants to do!


  1. What a total sweetheart. He sounds like a very sensitive little boy and there's few of those to go round. Someone will snap him up one day and be the luckiest girl alive.

    It's so sad that our children worry about university though isn't it. With all the controversy in the news about fees, loans and no guarantee of jobs at the end of 3 years hard slog, it's no wonder kids worry.

    CJ xx

  2. Makes me wonder why they're so different when they've all been brought up the same way, but I suppose the middle child has the most issues! I just hope he stays as sweet as he is...not sure that's going to happen though!


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