Mummy or pancakes...they've decided!

Arriving home this afternoon, I was greeted with the joy and love....and that was from the dogs!

Mimi was surprised to see me..."But mummy..I thought you weren't coming home for another sleep! I wanted to eat pancakes for tea. Miriam promised!" 
"Sorry to disappoint you sweetie, shall I go again?"

"Yes please mummy.  Can you come back a bit later?"
Finn was even more upset. "But Mum, Dad was going to take me to get a pair of rugby boots tonight and we were going to eat pancakes!"
Looks like I've scuppered their plans for this evening! What on earth makes them think that their carefully laid plans are going to be upset? Am I such an ogre that I would stop their little pleasures.

BH was disappointed too!

"Aww..Miriam was going to make her special pancakes...I was looking forward to them!"  So, it sounds like Miriam is a bit of a whizz in the kitchen...a talent I never knew she possessed. She hates the kitchen and seems to live off bread, cheese and cornflakes.

"It's OK guys. Miriam can make the pancakes and I can enjoy them with you."

Miriam declined.

"Now you're home...I go out. Your family is crazy and I need some space.  Ciao!"

Now it seems I've disappointed the family by arriving home, on the appointed hour.  Bart was the only one that made sense.

"Mum, it's not you.  Miriam's been bigging up her pancakes for the past 2 days.  She knew you were coming home today and I think had no intention of making them. She can't even cook baked beans, so I don't think her pancakes will be up to much."

BH asked "What shall we eat then?".
"I don't know...find something in the freezer"
As he walked away I could hear him muttering. "I was looking forward to those pancakes too!"

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