The mess in the kitchen....and I've gone detective!

I missed their first day back to school, but left it in the very capable hands of BH and Miriam (the au-pair). I had made sure their clothes were laid out and their bags packed and all that was needed was a pre-school bath night and breakfast in the morning.  Not too difficult why is that walking into the house this morning did it look like I'd been away for several years.  The kitchen resembled the aftermath of a tornado, and Peewee had assembled a various assortment of school clothing in his bed and was chewing happily on a trainer.  The house is empty bar the dogs, but I feel as though I'd trudged into Armageddon! I don't usually like to leave home for too long for fear that they'll have moved away without telling I wish they had!

I don't expect too much from Miriam.  I only have to open her door to freak out slightly.  I'm not even sure she's in the room when I peer in, for the piles of clothes on the floor which resemble several large bodies.  She does have a wardrobe but that usually houses a few empty coat hangers, and her suitcase....and she couldn't possibly use it, could she?   But that's beside the point. I have no truck with her room...if she wants to live in a tip then that's her prerogative, as long as she doesn't spread it around the house.  I often wonder how she looks so immaculate, when her room is such a mess!  She often leaves me her washing (when the urge takes her to tidy her room), with notes attached to the items that need a gentle hand-wash...and I oblige!!  I must be mad.

BH clearly has no control so he's getting the sack! The thing with BH, he's too soft.  I can see their PJ's in the living room, so they obviously got dressed in front of the TV this morning.  I can just see them, vacantly gazing at the TV, while he manhandles them into their uniforms. They won't dress themselves if the TV is on, the one reason I've banned TV watching in the morning.  BH thinks it's a brilliant baby-sitter, particularly when he's reading the paper! I hope he suffered!

But today, I'm a bit cheesed off.  After four days away, and a long, miserable flight I was looking forward to hopping into bed for a couple of hours (with my lovely new heated blanket...ohh such bliss!), but am now faced with a mountain of dirty clothes, a filthy floor, and a pile of washing up!!  I've just found a slice of salami down the side of the chair and it looks like they've had a food fight in the kitchen, as there's dried up corn flakes attached to the kitchen clock! There's 3 half empty (or full) milk bottles, one on the sink, one on the kitchen table and one on the counter,  and I've just spotted the remnants of last nights dinner in the oven....burnt to a cinder! I'm so tired I could weep!   If I don't do it, I'll be annoyed and if I do, do it I'll be happier but annoyed. Why does no-one see the mess I do?

Who shall I kick first?


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