Are there bargains really to be had at the sales?

Like all women I love to shop as long as it's not in the supermarket. Today, I thought I'd brave the roads, as the snow has now melted and I am able to walk to the car without being beaten back by the heaps of snow which had formed in the drive making it impossible for me to get the car out.  On closer inspection I can now see that the "heaps of snow" were in fact "heaps of gravel".  BH had been shovelling not just the was no wonder he'd worked up a sweat!

I left the kids at home with BH (Miriam is still ill with au-pair flu), so armed with my list, my credit card and feeling excited about a quiet coffee, I left feeling quite liberated!  To be honest I just needed to get out of the house for a few hours without a gaggle of  kids or dogs.... BH wanted to come..a big NO from me...just for today!

Bart had asked for any new wii games that were going cheap...written on my list as "shoes for school".
Finn had requested any new Harry Potter books (is he kidding?), or failing that any Top Gear DVDs...written on my list as "dog tags".
Mimi just wanted to come with me to see if she could twist my arm into buying her a new Polly pocket that Santa had forgotten! BH wanted to know why I needed to leave the homestead, when we had enough food to last us until the next millennium.  He just doesn't get it...even though I have all I need...I just need more!

Getting to the shops was easy enough.  There didn't appear to be many cars about so thought I might be in for a quiet day where I could zip about, checking out the shops AND getting everything I needed.  Pulling into the car park, I realised that everyone had arrived hours before me and were in no hurry to leave.

But while the shops were heaving, I really couldn't find the bargains I wanted!  Plenty I could've bought, but do I really need another pair of sequined silver shoes that I would never have bought if they weren't in the sale, or a jumper that I would never have bought even at full price. All I could see were rows and rows of clothes that I couldn't even remember seeing in the shops.  I'm certain they're either from the 80's or have been specially produced for sales like these. My ma has always told me that a bargain is something that you would have paid full price for-the discount being a bonus!  There seemed of loads of bags clutched in the hands of shoppers and I felt a bit jealous that they may have something that I wanted. Short of asking to look in their bags, I had to keep reminding myself that it probably was a pile of junk anyway!

I left town having purchased a bottle of Nightnurse, Calpol and some Lemsip for the flu ridden house, oh and a sparkly makeup set from Boots..which I didn't need or want, but was half price!

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