Student Protests.

I know this is probably going to make me unpopular, but I'm actually quite proud of our student population. In a country where apathy is usually the norm, our student body has taken action, are rallying and protesting about the governments proposed increase into student fees for university education.

As a mother with three children who are too young to make a stand, this proposal potentially scuppers their chances of attending university should they decide to at a later date. I can't afford to help all three, which means all of them will suffer because our leaders have decided that education is at a price!! Why should it be the rich that has the luxury of sending their children for further education? Once again, the ruling classes are dictating the future of the potential leaders of this once great country.

Unlike Scotland and Wales (no disrespect intended to you), at the moment most graduates leave University with a debt of around £18,000. The student finance is not free but levied with a lowish interest rate once it is taken out. Courses are around £3,200 per year, with a living allowance of £3,000. This is to pay their rent, food, bills and books they may need for the course. £3,000 per year is not a lot to live on, and most of these students supplement their loans with a part-time job, or if they are really lucky with help from their parents.

In the future, the fees plan to rise to a staggering £9,000 per year with an average of around $7,000 for most courses. This would bring the average debt a student leaves with (at the lowest) of £30,000. It seems ridiculous increase at a time when we should be discouraging debt, due to the lack of available work, lack of affordable housing...where are these kids going to earn the money to pay back such astronomical amounts? Wages are not increasing, but the cost of living is.

I agree that perhaps some of the vocational "courses" and degrees should not be eligible for a funding and should be withdrawn. I've always believed that the skills we (the country) need (and because we recruit from outside the EU), should be available free. I also agree with the Student Union when they proposed a government Levy (tax), should and when the graduates earn vast amounts. This then would be paid back. The government wants their cake and they want it now! How short-sighted! Short-term plans for short term gains.

What is the real plan of this coalition government? Me, I believe it is to keep the working classes "down", to ensure that the rich remain the ruling class, to keep our youth uneducated, to stifle their futures and to make certain that this continues to remain a fascist country.

I'm not sure many of my own friends would agree with me, but I am proud they have taken a stand. Whilst I agree that the violence doesn't lend it's self to a successful media campaign, and is not something I am advocating, the fact that they are in the media shows how passionately they feel about it. Do you remember the Parliament Square inhabitants/protesters? No, no-one else does either, yet it has been there since 2001. Anti-war, the group set up peacefully to protest about various issues, yet no one took a blind bit of notice of them. That's how successful they were.

These children are the voices of my children and I say...I think you're amazing!!


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