No time like a present!

I love christmas and birthdays, as BH buys me the most amazing presents. Me...I'm rubbish at getting him anything that resembles a "desire, want or wish", and end up getting him the most practical of items. Last year I bought him a pair of ski gloves, a garden vac, and some aftershave (which seems to end up in Barts room!).

For my birthday this year, BH bought me a ipad...I was so excited and shocked, I think the excitement nearly made me faint! BH kept asking me, "Do you like it? Do you like it?"...I think he was more excited at my reaction! I keep wracking my brain for a "surprise" for BH that will knock his socks off. It's not that I lack imagination (probably is) but he really doesn't want or need anything unusual...apart from a pair of cowboy boots!!

I've bought him a crate of wine from the wine club, and I had to tell him because I was so pleased with myself and I've already given him the ipod case, so all I've got to give him on the day is a pair of socks with his name on! What do you give the man who wants nothing? Nothing?


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