It's snowing in the UK and the whole world stops!

I'm sitting in my office (as usual) looking out of the window, and it looks like the world has stopped.  Saturday morning and one week before Chrsitmas and the roads are as dead as a dodo!  The postman has just knocked at the door with a parcel so it seems that some services are well worth the money!  I certainly didn't expect anyone to rock up to my door today.  The road outside is unusually quite (apart from the fact that the road hasn't been gritted) and the few cars that pass by are driving incredibly carefully, although there are the odd one or two which whizz by...guess they have snow chains as is their confidence.

The kids and the dogs are playing madly (particularly the dogs) in the garden building igloo's and snowmen!  At the moment we have around four snowmen of varying sizes, we did have six but Peewee decided to urinate on one causing it to collapse and Mimi kicked the other one to death!! Mimi is now sitting in the kitchen moaning that she can no longer feel her hands so won't be able to lay the table for lunch!!

Miriam is languishing on the sofa watching MTV.  She has already called for a cup of "your lovely coffee" because she had slipped over in the drive when taking Chubba out for a walk.  I am consenting to this course of action because I don't want her to sue me.  If she knew she could, she probably would, so I'm keeping quiet on that front!  Anyway, sometimes, I  think she's more trouble than she's worth as she costs me more in breakages. She no longer empties the dishwasher as the plate count has dropped dramatically since her arrival, and she's very heavy handed with the toilet, breaking the seat (no, she's not that heavy), and stuffing all manner of items down the loo.  Already, I have had to call in Drainclaim three times this year because she insists on using a whole roll of paper in one sitting!! I think they must use portaloos where she comes from because she doesn't understand the concept of drainage!!
Can't blame her entirely though, particularly as Finn loves the bathroom too! So with Miriam out of action (as is the usual state of affairs), I have been promoted to carer, and I must say that I'm not very good.

Heathrow is closed. So the getaway holiday traffic is at a standstill. I feel for them, to have their holidays ruined by a bit of snow is unforgivable...I blame the government!  I also worry about those who are rushing and trying to get into work.  Who is to blame if they have an accident?  What is wrong with these local authorities who don't invest in the tools needed to deal with these incidences of inclement weather? They say they can't afford the ploughs, the gritters, de-icers (the airports), but how about they invest some of my money to enable people to move around instead of being housebound? That reminds me, better go down and visit Mrs B to see if she needs anything!

It's been snowing here solidly for about 3 hours and as BH says "The sky is still full of it" so it looks like we're in the midst of a white out.

When I was in New York, this time last year a huge amount fell.  I was stuck at the airport for several hours waiting for my bag.  There were no taxi's at 2 am, but there was a bus laid on to take us into town. Somehow,I felt safe as the roads were clearish, despite the massive amount of snow that had fallen. By morning all of the sidewalks were cleared and the main roads gritted and ploughed.  We ski each year in Austria and know that they are geared up for the snow and are prepared.

So why aren't we?


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