A poem from my son.

I found this poem in my son's english book, this morning.  I thought I'd share it here because I think it's funny.  I'm not sure that's what kids normally write about their mums (this poem is totally not true!) and I'm sure his teacher has a very bad impression of me now!!

My Mum

My mum is very ugly
She has big warts on her nose
She shouts when it's time for bed
She always wears the same clothes

My mum is very funny
She smiles when she is sad
She shouts when it's time for dinner
Her breath smells really bad

My mum is really rude sometimes
She says bad words that are naughty
She shouts when we are playing
Because she thinks we are very noisy

My mum is kind to everyone
She likes to cook them dinner
She shouts at them on the telephone
But I think my mums the winner.

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