Off the stage...

I always love being  centre stage and am a bit of an attention seeker (as Jude will testify as during a recent disagreement she accused me of "wanting to be the centre of attention"! True, because I always am!), so why is it that my kids try to hide in the shadows if the focus is shone on them?  I want them to be confident, well-rounded individuals, and if that means taking to the boards and strutting their stuff while being a donkey or a star, then so be it.  I want them to do it without the fear of making a fool of themselves. There is nothing  wrong with laughing at yourself, and everything wrong about taking yourself too seriously! I'm not a pushy mother (unlike Marion, who forces her kids into delivering a word perfect performance), and I'm not a competitive mother (unlike Stella, who'll force her poor babes onto the running track at 6 am because "they show a talent"), but base my methods on  more of  the nurturing, encouraging school of thought.

Mimi was a star. I wish I could say she shone like one, but unfortunately during yesterdays nativity play, all I could see was her stripey red and yellow tights as she ran and hid behind the all manner of barn creatures each time the shepherds and kings moved across the stage. (Apart from the fact that we were stuck right at the back even after arriving 20 minutes before the performance.  The chairs at the front half of the school hall were dotted with coats and bags and no evidence of a human in sight!  The British are becoming more like the Germans, these days.  In fact, I bet the Germans only do it on the sun loungers and wouldn't dream of  bagging chairs!!  Stella always says "It's the early bird that catches the worm!" in her smug "early bird" manner!!) Mimi was supposed to be the Star of  Bethlehem leading them all to the manger.  Unfortunately, she was more like an Exocet missile, she moved that fast!!

"Mimi, you were supposed to be showing them the way"

"But everyone was looking at me! I didn't want them  to look at me!"

"But Mi, you knew that's what you were supposed to do.  Anyway they were looking at you because you were the Star.  You had a very important role."

"No, baby Jesus had an important role. I was a star, and stars can move where they want. Anyway, it's Mrs B's fault, she wouldn't let me wear my princess crown and she wouldn't let Grace wear her  fluffy socks"

"Mrs B was right, you can't wear your princess crown. I'm sure she didn't tell you to hide behind the sheep. You were supposed to be leading the shepherds."

"Well the shepherds could see me! Anyway, I didn't want to be a star, I wanted to be a tyrannosaurus!"

"But Mimi, you were happy to be the star."
"Yes well I thought I could wear my princess crown too, and my batman cape. If I could've worn them I would've been so much better at being a star."

I wonder where she gets the idea that clothes maketh the man?

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