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I belong to a forum and have spent the last couple of years contributing my fivepee's worth.  I know I don't always get it right but try to be as diplomatic as possible without ruffling any feathers, and I think I've done not a bad job even if I say so myself.  I hope I've been supportive and looked at all angles of the picture before I throw my words into the circle. Without doubt, the forum has saved my sanity if not my life.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that "stuff" has been bad in the past year, but without the my "daily fix", I'm not sure I would've come out the other end.  I've made friends with people I've never met, and they have offered my words of support and comfort.  Some of them I have now met (we've been going through the same stuff), and I can say, hand on heart that they will always be a friend.

However, there are some on this forum that will never be my friend.  Some that ruffle the feathers of others because they can without fear of retribution or because the can hide behind an anonymous name. A little over a year ago, a certain person made remarks about a group of people (of which I was one) which I objected to and said so.  The amount of vitriol and abuse from one particular person was staggering. Now this person paints herself as the Emmeline Pankhurst of the 21st Century, has an answer for everything, has done everything (according to her), and shouts down others with her well written (can't deny that they are), but aggressive stance of her self opinionated (but educated) answers and reasons. It became so bad that the mods had to take off the post.  Because I like to try and keep the peace, I now tend to ignore those posts which are designed to rile, prefering to comment on the frivolous and factual, but this one keeps going at it great guns...she has an opinion on EVERYTHING on the planet and it is beginning to grate on my nerves.

Today, she has lambasted a poster on their posting saying that although she maybe outspoken (rude), she always apologises if she has upset someone, or taken their words out of context and sends them a private message.She didn't apologise to me....ever! Mind you, I didn't apologise to her either. She is a bliddy liar who has become "famous" for the sheer amount of posts she makes. .There are a few other posters who irritate me because of their self-importance, and I pity that they feel the need to make themselves heard for the sake of being heard. I've noticed a few dropping off, because I think they have a feeling they may get rumbled. But, do I say anything to these wannabees, do I point out the error of their ways?  No, because I'm a coward!  I don't like confrontation unless its with BH, then I let all hell break loose because I can!!  The only person who lets me get away with the moment.  I'm sure there will come a day, when it'll be payback for me, and I'm not looking forwad to that day!

I know I'll get to meet her one day and I know that I won't be as rude to her as she is to other people, and I'll probably like her.  Words are powerful and they can make some feel inadequate, but perhaps that's why she does it. She lacks self confidence. Anyway, what is she doing on the forum all day?  She probably hasn't anything better to do!! Well, that's what I've got to believe isn't it?


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