It's all going downhill...

Yesterday, I met with "the girls" for our annual Christmas drinks as I was driving! It is always a practical event as Marion organises a little shopping jaunt post lunch so that we are able to fit in a bit of Xmas buying. Some of the other mums join us and it's nice to catch up sans men. We can talk about them without the interjection of rugby or golf!

Yesterday though, Marion brought a little shocker to the table. She was unusually subdued, but I'd put that down to the fact that her mum had been unwell. I'd been seated next to her and could feel her agitation. I'd been laughing with Jude about her reluctance to shop (and spend money) despite the fact that her hubby a partner in an accountancy firm. She had decided to shop at Poundland this year and was impressed with the vast array of gifts she could get...all for a pound. Her hubby is to do the three peaks challenge next year and she bought him an emergency tent...just in case. Anyhow, just as I was choking on my coffee, Marion turned to me and asked "If your BH left the country, and you didn't know where he was, would you be worried?"

Now BH regularly leaves the country, but I generally pack for him and I always know where he is going although I may not be too interested. I'm more interested in him leaving the house so I can have a quite night in watching what I want to watch on the TV and a Turkish delight all to myself (I hate sharing!).

I had to do a double take as I wasn't too sure what she meant "What do you mean? How do you know he's left the country?"

"Well, he's taken his passport, an overnight bag and I can't contact him. He's text me to say he's gone for a few days and now he won't answer my calls or texts."

I must say I was shocked and gradually the raucous table quietened, listening.

"Well, I'm sorry Marion, but I think that's totally unacceptable" I said "he can't not tell you where he is...isn't that in the rules?"

She smiled sadly and my heart wanted to break for her.

"Oh, I thought so, but I wasn't sure if I was overreacting"

"No honey, it's unacceptable."

The lunch came to an abrupt end, and I was so depressed that I went straight to pick the kids up from school.

When BH got home from work I asked him if he knew anything, as they do the odd round of golf together and see each other at Sunday's rugby.

"Oh yeah" he said completely nonplussed. "He mentioned some Russian he met in Spain when they all went for the "Men only Golf tour". He's been chatting with her online apparently...I think it's a mid-life crisis, personally.

I'm not sure if Marion still knows where her husband is and BH had better not think he's going on any "tour"!!!


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