Facebook has ruined my life!

I love new technology and am the first to embrace new methods of communication, but Facebook?  It is the absolute limit!!

I spend hours and hours each day (when do I ever have time to work, you say?), playing stupid games, looking at friends profiles and finding out what they're doing, and trying to find old friends who probably wouldn't add me, as they would've kept in touch with me anyway!  Hand on heart, I can honestly say, that I find it an absolute waste of my time.

A few months ago, one of my "friends" kept sending me "gifts" from Frontierville. I was intrigued as she seemed to be having a better time than me and I don't like being left out. So I started with Frontierville, which was fun for a while.  I then had to install a "pit" which meant I had to join in with other games, which also meant that I had to play other games to get the gifts I needed for my pit.  So Cafe world, Mafia Wars, and Farmville joined the ever growing list of games on my list "to do" each day. I would wake up, and take my cup of tea to the computer and play...for several hours. My lifelong love of reading my book for 30 minutes each morning, chucked out of the window, just like that.  I realised I had a problem when I woke up at 4 am one morning and wondered whether it was time to harvest my crops!!!

Finn thought my farm was cool, Bart thought I was an idiot and BH thought I was having a crisis (which of course I was!).  Whenever Bart walked into my office he would peer over my shoulder and say "Playing that stupid game I see!". It progressed to "Mum, you're wasting your life.  You're achieving nothing here!" (Wise words from a child).

When visitors arrived, I'd settle them with BH, then rush into the office and spend a few minutes tidying up the farm. One day my brother crept in behind me.

"What the F**k are your doing?" He exclaimed.
"Are you playing a game? How old are you?"
"I find it relaxing!" I retorted
 "Why don't you find something creative to do? Why don't you take up knitting, at least then you'll have something to show for it. What a complete waste of time!"

He then crept up on me each time I was in my office and continued to berate me. I then began to feel very, very guilty about the time I spent on Facebook. I started listening for the footsteps and turned off the monitor if I thought they were getting too close. I'd go into the kitchen on a pretext of making a coffee, then slip into the office for a guilty five minutes which turned into a massive one hour!!!

Each time I'd disappear Bart would come looking for me...
"Where are you?"  He'd call.
"Nothing!" My guilty pleasure had become my guilty secret.
"Nothing?  You mean nowhere! You're playing that rubbish game again aren't you?"

Finn would defend me. "Leave Mum alone." he'd say "She's relaxing. You play on your DS, why can't she play too?"
"Because She's an adult and I'm a child! Anyway, she has other things to do like cooking the tea!  Have you noticed how much she burns the dinner now?  That's because she's always playing her stupid games!"

It's now time to say goodbye to my Farm and Frontierville...after planting 1500 peanuts, I suddenly realised that I was getting nothing physical out of it.  I need a tangible reward....like a new dress.  These things aren't real and it's about time I got back to the real world.


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