Christmas and sickness...not a good mix!

It seems that we are falling like skittles. First, my sister called me.

"Are you sure it's OK that we come over to you on Christmas day?...I feel so rough at the moment I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do any shopping."

"'Course it is!" I replied.

Well of course it is...I've invited the whole family as we all seem to be in one place at the same time for the first time in about 5 years.  So there's Ma and Pa, BH's ma and pa all the way from the Emerald Isles (mainly to annoy me I think!), little bro' flies in from Germany, big sis and her husband, Ben and his girlfriend, and Sis's mother-in-law.  It is likely that we'll have Jude and her brood dropping in, and Stella and hers too so that we can play twister...oh joys! Not!  Particularly as Jude insists on bringing eggnog which I believe has been sitting in her fridge since 1984 and is disgusting!

Then Ma phoned.  "Hello darling, I'm feeling like poo...I have a headache and I ache all over.  I think I maybe coming down with something.  Daddy feels a bit poorly but you know men and "man flu, I personally think he's exaggerating!  He's not as bad as me!"

Stella then phoned. "Hi babe (I'm sure she calls me this as a reference to "Babe" the movie!), not feeling too good.  Would you mind having the kids for a couple of hours?  I haven't slept a wink all night and need to get some zed's in!"

Miriam then trotted downstairs, still in her PJ's with a cup of something clutched in her hands under her nose.
"I feel like I've been run over by your kids...10 times! I can't watch them today, I feel too you haff anysing for depression? "

I must say that I can't blame her.  The kids would send me into the depths of despair if they weren't mine!

BH came in half an hour ago with his coat, hat and scarf and sat with them on drinking his tea.
"Hun, I don't feel too well." he said with his hat pulled over his eyebrows. "I have a chesty cough and my nose is constantly running."

It seems as though the only people not suffering at the moment are the kids....and me! They are full of beans, screaming and running around with Stella's offspring. The floor is filthy, their bedrooms a mess, the Christmas tree has fallen over as they keep trying to nick the chocolates....oh dear I feel a sore throat coming on!

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