How can puppy poo be so big??

After spending the past 2 hours in the garden clearing away the winter debris I came across a lot of poo (very clearly Bart hadn't done his naughty chore!), scattered all over the lawn!!  I have no idea who is the culprit, but Chubba has been trained to "go" in the bushes, so I have to assume the Peewee is to blame (very clearly Chubba is not doing his job either!!), unless we have a great Dane visiting!

I wouldn't mind so much if it was to the side of the lawn near the borders, but as I was walking over to the veg garden I must have stepped into about 10 pats...which were the size of a cow or at the very least, the size that I assume that the visiting great Dane would do!!!  They are massive!  As you can see, from my exclamation marks, I'm in shock. Peewee is half the size of Chubba.  The bag I collected from the garden must weigh more than Peewee, himself. In fact I can honestly say that the bag was bigger than Peewee.

BH told me that there was a lot of poo, but I wasn't prepared for this.  He also said that he would clear it up at the weekend, but didn't. The men in my house have a lot to answer for, particularly as it seems that Peewee isn't learning from Chubba, but what is more worrying, is Peewee's poo an indicator for the size he's going to become?

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